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Shift Scheduling for Emergency Communication Centers

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Save administrative time on all aspects of your complex 24/7 mission-critical staffing needs with mobile-enabled and fully customizable tools for managing and scheduling your telecommunicators and supervisors.

Safeguard emergency communication center staffing supervisors with decision support for proper 911 dispatcher assignments and compliance with minimum staffing levels and policies. Give your telecommunicators the convenience of checking schedules, requesting a day off or shift trade, and accepting automated callback shifts from their mobile device.


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Reduce administrative time and get data-based decision support

Eliminate pen and paper reporting and save hours of administrative time with fast and easy records of leave requests, vacation accruals, overtime hours, callbacks, payroll details, and more. Visualize graphical reports to identify trends and get verifiable data and better insight into your staff’s work schedules. Post notes, schedule events and send mass notifications to staff in seconds.

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Simplify callbacks, holdovers, and overtime compliance

Automate overtime hiring and reduce grievances with agency-defined, intelligent rules to assign qualified staff quickly and fairly to the right shifts and assignments. Quickly call back staff to fill needs that arise quickly, like for natural disasters or mass casualty incidents. Easily schedule for any shift structure—meeting overtime compliance and qualification requirements—and watch in real time as employees respond to available shifts. Define limits, buffers, and rest periods to ensure compliance with your minimal staffing service levels and standards.

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Manage schedules on-the-fly from your mobile device

Give your telecommunicators the convenience of checking schedules and requesting a day off or shift trade from their mobile device. Eliminate bottlenecks with immediate automated approvals or denials based on agency-defined qualifiers. Improve transparency and provide insight into overtime distribution, vacation requests, and self-serve shift trades without having to call the staffing supervisor. Customize employee notifications and send mass calls/texts/push notifications to a team or the entire department in seconds.

What Our Emergency Communications Customers Say

“We’re spoiled that we don’t have to pick up the phone and make a hundred phone calls. It’s nice that it automates through the 65 dispatchers as opposed to somebody having to physically make all those phone calls."

Police Operations Chief

St. Joseph County 911 Consolidated Communications Center

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"I was counting excel spreadsheet boxes; it was a nightmare. Vector Scheduling is super helpful."

Communications Sergeant

Stearns County Sheriff's Office

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