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Check It for Emergency Communication Centers and PSAPs

Formerly TargetSolutions

Help your emergency communication center staff manage assets, equipment, and inventory with Vector Check It, a mobile app for inventory, inspections, maintenance tracking, and operational readiness.

Vector Check It helps your 911 dispatch center manage assets, equipment, and inventory. Whether it's telephones, two-way radios, backup power supplies, or any other mission-critical piece of equipment, when the call comes in, your telecommunicators need to be assured that everything is working the way it is supposed to.



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Eliminate the hassle of paper and spreadsheets and improve accountability

Streamline and simplify your inventory tracking and ensure regular mission-critical equipment inspections and quality assurance are taking place. Create custom inspection checklists to simplify weekly or monthly checks of console equipment, evacuation supplies, backup equipment, and more. Ensure servers, phones, software updates, etc. are serviced regularly.

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Get inspection, maintenance, and status updates from your mobile device

Built for iOS or Android devices, the Check It app can be accessed from anywhere to conduct an inspection or to check the status of a maintenance ticket. Whether in the comm center or from home, view all items logged in the system, including those requiring repair, assigned to specific users, or out of service.

Asset 329-increase-transparency

Use Data-Driven Justification to Keep Your Comm Center Operating Smoothly

Review intuitive and easy-to-visualize reports to get a holistic picture of equipment-related expenses including uptime, downtime, maintenance costs, and the lifespan of equipment. Utilize these automatically generated graphs and figures to support strategic planning initiatives, annual reporting, or to justify new equipment expenditures.