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Vector Evaluations+ and

Vector PD Tracking

Strengthen Staff Performance and Development

Vector Evaluations+

    • Perform employee evaluations from start to finish  
    • Automate evaluations with this online, customizable program 
    • Create reviews, approvals, self-assessments, and calibrations  
    • Simplify hand-offs and notifications 
    • Customize to meet specific evaluation needs 
    • Determine trends and map out employee training plans 
    • Improve employee performance  
    • Foster collaboration and feedback 

Vector PD Tracking

    • Plan, manage, and track professional development (PD) for your staff 
    • Simplify PD with this online, customizable program 
    • Customize events, workflows, and communications  
    • Track licenses, recertifications, attendance, generate certificates 
    • Review summary reports and assess your PD event(s)