Eight Cybersecurity Tips to Keep Your Organization Secure


As October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month, now is a good time to look at ways to keep your own organization as safe as possible from hackers, identity theft and other cyber threats. The following are eight cybersecurity tips to help you avoid becoming a victim.

Eight Cybersecurity Tips to Help Your Organization

Explore these 8 tips to protect your organization from costly cybersecurity threats and promote cybersecurity awareness amongst personnel.

1. Create a Security Policy

It's important to have a clearly outlined security policy so everyone in your organization knows the right actions to take as well as those to avoid. Your security policy should include best practices for passwords, encryption, device usage, email and any other areas that affect security. You should also specify the consequences for violating these policies. Update the policy as needed and be sure to inform everyone when changes are made.

2. Educate Your Employees on Business Cybersecurity

Education goes hand-in-hand with having a strong security policy. Make sure everyone understands how and why to follow the protocols you've put in place. Hold meetings and training to keep everyone up to speed on the best practices to keep your data and systems safe.

3. Use Secure Passwords

Passwords are central to cybersecurity. Make sure you and your employees choose passwords that are difficult to guess. Avoid using any names or dates that people can easily connect to you. Change passwords regularly. Always change passwords when someone with access leaves your company. Two-factor or multi-factor authentication makes it even harder for someone to gain access to your accounts.

4. Keep Software Up-to-Date

Outdated software poses a security risk. The latest versions of software often include upgrades such as security patches. For example, if you use WordPress, make sure you're using the latest version. The same is true for any plugins you've installed.

5. Secure Your Networks

Keep your network secure by using a firewall. Always use encryption to make it harder for anyone to access your data. Be especially careful when using WiFi, as many hackers target WiFi connections. Avoid using free public WiFi. A VPN can help keep your WiFi connections more secure. Protect your router with a strong password.

6. Back Up Your Data

No matter how vigilant you are, there's never a guarantee your system won't be targeted. Backing up important data ensures you won't lose everything in the case of an attack or a system crash. It's best to have data backed up automatically and store the backups in a secure place. You might use cloud storage, keep files on an external drive or both.

7. Control Access to Devices

In addition to securing your networks against cyber threats, it's also essential to maintain physical control over your devices. Make sure your employees are careful about not leaving sensitive information on their screens when they leave their desks. Anyone leaving their computer station should log out of the system first. Laptops are easily stolen so they should never be left unattended.

As more and more business is conducted on smartphones and tablets, these devices are increasingly targeted by hackers or are often stolen. Make sure employees secure their data, password protect their phones and tablets and secure their devices with security apps. The loss or theft of mobile devices should be promptly reported.

8. Cybersecurity Training

Organizations can reduce their risk by offering TargetSolutions' Cybersecurity Training for employees. TargetSolutions offers dynamic premium courses featuring engaging interactions and real-life scenarios that provide lessons covering browser/email safety and password security. These courses are built to help improve awareness and mitigate risks.

These cybersecurity tips will help keep your data safe. Keep in mind that hackers are constantly looking for new and devious ways to access your systems. It's essential to keep up with the most recent news in this field so you're aware of the latest cyber threats. If you have any questions about TargetSolutions' training content, please contact us today to get more information.

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