Benefits of 3D Animation in eLearning


As any one who was ever a kid who put on those red and blue glasses knows, 3D is just plain awesome! While entertainment really harnessed the power of 3D, the training industry has realized that it can also be an incredibly useful learning tool. By incorporating 3D animations, learners have the opportunity to visualize what they don’t get a chance to experience in their day-to-day work (and, in some cases, things that aren’t even visible to the naked eye).

Right now, so many of us are learning and training remotely. Here’s how 3D can allow us to engage more deeply and amplify the impact of the material.

Why We Love 3D Animation For Training

1. Enhances Visual Communication

What you see is what you get! 3D animation renderings are highly accurate, so they give you a real sense of the scope and scale of a project that you can’t get from two dimensional drawings.

3D animation also enhances the visual experience of learning about highly technical tasks like water treatment, HVAC and work order management. The detail provided by powerful 3D animation and motion graphics are layered on top of theory-based knowledge, for step-by-step details of sophisticated tasks.

2. Allows you to see things you could never see otherwise

3D animation doesn’t have to adhere to pesky time-space continuum rules. Want to see inside a machine? No problem. Want to understand what goes into constructing a roundabout – and how it looks from underground? You got it. 3D lets learners see and experience things that wouldn’t be safe or possible otherwise.

3D animation also lets you experience extreme or unsafe situations in a controlled way. 3D Driver Safety Training helps drivers learn how to identify and avoid hazards as through learning safe driving techniques. Traffic accidents are the 8th leading cause of death, so effective training can make a huge difference to keeping people safe.

3. It’s Cost Effective

3D animation creates a visually beautiful learning experience that allows for realistic interactive experience, but without the cost of live shoots or machinery rentals. Once created, the number of learners who can benefit from the material is virtually unlimited, quickly paying off the investment of creating a 3D course.

It’s also easy to update as compliance or safety regulations change, making it easy to keep your course material current and avoid having to start from zero every time there’s a change in the industry.

4. Learn From Make Mistakes – Without Repercussions

Imagine getting the real world experience of performing a task without the downside of damage or injury if you make a mistake. 3D animation gives learners the ability to experience real world application of their knowledge and learn from errors without consequence. This experience will pay off on-the-job – once they’re using this knowledge for real applications, they’ll feel confident in their skills.

5. It’s Fun!

There are so many benefits of animation for eLearning. Here are just a few:

  • Animation increases engagement over static content by keeping learners engaged and focused.
  • It’s entertaining. Animated characters, for example, can infuse a little lighthearted energy into a hardcore training session.
  • Exciting visuals serve as memory aids, increasing knowledge retention and recall.

We’re all about harnessing the power of 3D for effective, dynamic training that keeps teams skilled and safe. That’s why we offer 60+ courses on Commercial Facilities Maintenance Training designed to help your workforce perform preventative maintenance and repairs safely at commercial facilities. Check them out!

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