Best States for Construction Professionals

Because the construction industry changes based upon seasons, projects and economic situations, the sector’s conditions vary from state to state. For example, construction professionals could be in high demand in the Northeast, while at the same time hiring could be slowing to a stop in the Midwest. Wondering how the construction industry is faring in your region? Check out the best states for construction professionals in the U.S.

New York

While the Empire State’s construction industry has fluctuated in the past, now is a solid time for the sector, according to human resources site Talent Tribune. The source explained that the Albany – Schenectady – Troy region’s construction field is especially robust, as numerous building projects continue to go up. Construction Dive reported that the Buffalo area has also been experiencing notable growth recently, largely due to the SolarCity project. Continuing education requirements for licensure in New York are also more moderate than in other states (36 hours triennially for engineers).


It’s not surprising that a warm-weather state, where construction projects can be tackled year-round, is experiencing growth in this industry. According to the Associated General Contractors of America, Florida added 32,200 construction jobs between April 2014 and April 2015, representing a growth of 8.2 percent. This upward trend is expected to continue into the end of 2015, reported Florida real estate publication The Real Deal. The source explained that construction organizations will keep hiring in large quantities straight through December. Florida experienced a small change in continuing education requirements for licensure, increasing the number of hours to 18 biennially.


The phrase “Everything’s bigger in Texas” certainly applies to the state’s demand for construction professionals, which continues to grow as new projects break ground. Houston Public Media reported that the state may actually be experiencing a shortage of skilled workers, as the need for qualified concrete workers, roofers, electricians and related professionals keeps expanding. Plenty of career opportunities await talented construction workers in this area. Continuing education requirements for licensure for engineers in Texas is 15 hours annually.



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