Breaking Bad: Workforce Training Suggestions


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Tonight, the final episode of the TV series Breaking Bad airs.

As we like to do from time to time, we take a break from writing about serious safety issues such as preventing fatalities, learning teams, incident investigations, leading indicators, safety training, and online safety training and use a seasonal event or something in pop culture to enjoy a safety yuk or two.

In this article, the laughs are on, or compliments of, Walt and his crew from Breaking Bad. Hope you enjoy this one, and if you do, feel free to check out some of our other humor-based safety articles, such as those listed below:

Note: this post includes video clips from the AMC television series Breaking Bad. If you’re not familiar with Breaking Bad, please know that it includes some colorful language and behavior. The clips below contain some of the more light-hearted moments from the show.

6 Training Suggestions for our Friends in “Breaking Bad”

We’ve lined up 7 workforce training courses for our “bad” friends. No doubt we could have found some more…

1. Resorting to Legal Means

Saul the lawyer can help nearly anyone solve a conflict. He’ll even help you find one. Better call Saul.

Our Suggested Training Course: Conflict Management

2. Staying Safe at Work by Using PPE

To their credit, Walt and Jesse and others DO wear appropriate PPE while cooking.

Here’s an elegant little clip of Walter and Gale demonstrating some nice PPE usage. I really like these montage scenes accompanied by music on the show–don’t you?

Our Suggested Training Course: Personal Protective Equipment

3. Keeping Things Ship-Shape

Walt and Jesse sure kept an organized work area in their prime super-lab days.

Well…Jesse could be a touch non-compliant at times.

Our Suggested Training Course: 5S Methodology

4. Keeping Production Standards Consistent

Walt and Jesse DID develop and follow strict procedures for product quality.

Our Suggested Training Course: Centerlining

5. Being Happy in Life

When life isn’t treating you right, considering getting a new car.

Or maybe two.

Our Suggested Training Course: Stress Management and Prevention

6. Industrial Hygiene

Here’s a tip: Be careful that the people you’re working with aren’t trying to poison you.

Our Course: Intro to Industrial Hygiene

Conclusion: What Are YOUR Tips for Breaking Bad Safety Training?

Got any safety training suggestions for the characters in Breaking Bad of your own? Let us know.

And don’t forget to download the free guide at the bottom of this article, too. It’s about how to perform a Job Hazard Analysis (JHA), which is helpful if you’re in safety, but is also funny, because Walt definitely ran into his own share of hazards on the job, no? Ha! J-HA! Sorry–a groaner there. 🙁

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Job Hazard Analysis Guide

Learn how to perform a job hazard analysis on the job with our free step-by-step guide.

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