EMS Accreditations Update: IN AEMT Updated Requirements

EMS Accreditations Update: IN AEMT Updated Requirements

At Vector Solutions (TargetSolutions Edition), we are committed to providing EMS professionals with relevant and respected training courses that help meet recertification and licensing requirements across the scope of practice while maintaining compliance.

The following accreditations update reflects changes to Indiana AEMT requirements, effective May 1, 2020.

Indiana (IN) AEMT Updated Requirements Effective 5/1/2020

IN AEMT has changed its requirements to follow the NREMT NCCP 20216 model. The NCCP 2016 is broken down into three components National, Local (LCCR), and Individual (ICCR). The National component the topics and hours are determined by the NREMT. The Local Component topics are chosen by local authorities (or State EMS Office, if applicable).

Here is the listing of the new certified credential:

  • IN State – AEMT (eff. 5/1/2020)

Vector Solutions will continue to report course completions to CAPCE for NREMT. Please remember to use NREMT # to record license number.


For IN State licenses, providers need to maintain record of completions (including date, time, hours completed, instructor, student’s name, class topic) for two licensure cycles.

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