EMS CE Course Enhancements: Video-Based Continuing Education


TargetSolutions’ EMS continuing education catalog is frequently updated with refreshed content and engaging lesson formats. To keep training courses up to date, a selection of EMS courses was recently updated with new statistics, custom videos and an onscreen instructor.

This round of course enhancements focus on topics such as back injury prevention, airway management, geriatric patient assessment, obstetrical emergencies and more.

Online EMS Continuing Education Training Updates

Newly updated courses are now in a video-driven format. An onscreen instructor guides personnel through valuable lessons and explains key points. The self-paced modules allow individuals to refresh their knowledge on their own time, from any web-enabled device. Additionally, lessons include study questions to check for comprehension and ensure retention.

Course topics such as back injury prevention, also received new custom videos. Engaging demos and B roll help give context to topics being discussed and illustrate crucial procedures.

The following EMS CE courses were enhanced during this round of updates:

  • EMS Back Injury Prevention
  • EMS Capnography
  • EMS Common Infectious Pathogens
  • EMS Cultural Diversity for EMS Providers
  • EMS Detailed Physical Exam
  • EMS Geriatric Emergencies Basic
  • EMS Heat Illness and Emergencies
  • EMS Incident Command System
  • EMS Injuries and Infections of the Eye
  • EMS Kinematics of Trauma
  • EMS Mechanics of Breathing
  • EMS Medication Errors
  • EMS Narcotics Overdose for the EMT
  • EMS Obstetrical Emergencies Advanced
  • EMS Obstetrical Emergencies Basic
  • EMS Patients with Special Challenges
  • EMS Pediatric Airway Management
  • EMS Prehospital Pulmonary Embolism Care
  • EMS Respiratory System A&P Review
  • EMS Shock and Shock Management
  • EMS Spinal Cord Injuries
  • EMS Sports Medicine for EMS
  • EMS Suctioning the Patient Airway
  • EMS Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)
  • EMS Supplemental Oxygen
  • EMS Traumatic Injury During Pregnancy
  • EMS Workplace Stress

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