EMS Course Release: Pharmacology & Patient Assessment Basic

EMS Course Release: Pharmacology & Patient Assessment Basic

EMS providers are essential for administering life-saving and critical pre-hospital care. Ensuring EMTs and Paramedics receive proper training to maintain licensing and meet performance standards keeps the provider, agency, and community better protected.

Vector Solutions is excited to announce the release of two EMS courses: EMS Pharmacology (new) and Patient Assessment Basic (updated).

EMS Pharmacology (2 hours) *NEW*

Proper administration of medication in the pre-hospital environment can save a patient's life! Pharmacology, the study of drugs and their actions on the body, is an integral part of what an EMS provider needs to know to be effective in the field.

This course aims to provide comprehensive information regarding pharmacology and introduce the medications most commonly used in the pre-hospital environment. In addition, this course will discuss legal considerations, the Six Rights of Medication Administration, routes of administration, special considerations, and drug profiles.

Topics covered in this self-paced, online training course include:

EMS Pharmacology course

  • Basic Pharmacology
  • How Drugs Function in the Body
  • The Nervous System
  • General Properties of Drugs
  • Keeping Consumers Safe
  • Legal Considerations
  • Scope of Management
  • Drug Calculations
  • Commonly Used Medications

EMS Patient Assessment Basic (1 hour)

Patient assessment is the process by which you will make decisions about the care and transport of the patients you treat. An organized, well-developed patient assessment is a valuable tool for providing patient care. It is a process that continues throughout the time spent with a patient because a patient's condition can change quickly. Continual assessment allows the EMS provider to recognize critical situations early and to influence patient outcomes positively.

This online training course explores the basics of performing a patient assessment and the importance of understanding how to identify changes in a patient's condition to respond quickly and appropriately.

Topics covered in this self-paced, online training course include:

  • EMS Patient Assessment Basic coursePatient Assessment Process
  • Scene Size-Up
  • Primary Survey
  • Secondary Assessment - Medical Patient
  • Secondary Assessment - Trauma Patient
  • Detailed Physical Examination
  • Reassessment
  • Definitive Field Management

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