How to Enhance Your Fire Department Training Plan with TargetSolutions and Third-Party Content


When it comes to developing an effective fire department training plan, training isn’t linear. In addition to providing more than 450 hours of fire department training courses, TargetSolutions supports a variety of third-party content so departments can customize users’ training experience.

Incorporating third-party content into your training keeps firefighters’ skills fresh with engaging, dynamic courses. TargetSolutions can deliver video, Articulate and SCORM presentations and scenario-based training. The ability to assign these different training formats from a single platform makes TargetSolutions an all-in-one solution for agencies.

Easily Upload Videos for Custom Activities

Whether it be a training clip found on YouTube or a department’s own recording from a drill-yard training session, administrators can distribute video content on TargetSolutions. Uploading videos and creating related activity questions is straightforward through the File Center and Activities Builder. Simply embed or insert a link from YouTube or Vimeo or post a video file directly into the File Center. TargetSolutions is compatible with most video file types under two gigabytes such as MOV, MP4, and AVI.

Sarnia Fire Rescue Services utilizes this by uploading exercises from SimsUshare’s fire department training plan simulators.

“(With TargetSolutions and SimsUshare) one system doesn’t replace the other. I’ve even recorded SimsUshare sessions and uploaded them to TargetSolutions as customized courses.”

Russ Lloyd, Safety and Training Officer, Sarnia Fire Rescue Services

Recording and posting training allows departments to analyze decisions made during simulations and test for comprehension of procedures. Related questions also reveal gaps in training and give insight on how to improve performance.

Engage Users with Articulate and SCORM Presentations

Articulate and SCORM presentations help trainers get creative and produce dynamic content. Trainers can design interactive exercises with Articulate or keep users engaged with narrated SCORM PowerPoints.

In addition to enhancing the user-experience, delivering Articulate and SCORM presentations with TargetSolutions can save time and resources. Rather than coordinating around a fire department training plan schedule for live instructor-led classes, these presentations can be accessed at the user’s convenience.

Once presentations are created externally, they can be uploaded to the training platform. Articulate presentations can be added to the File Center and assigned to users through the Activities Builder. Once SCORM presentations are uploaded, they can be assigned as a TargetSolutions course and be available in the Course Library.

Include Scenario-Based Training in Your Fire Department Training Plan

When dealing with the uncertainty of an emergency, every decision can make the difference between a success or tragedy. Fire department training simulators give firefighters the opportunity to practice making tough decisions during high-stress situations.

AlphaTRAC’s firefighter-specific scenario training, AlphaACT, can be purchased and delivered directly through TargetSolutions. AlphaACT scenarios react as users attempt to resolve an emergency. This provides a safe setting for firefighters to apply their skills to realistic situations without the resources of hands-on training. These exercises also reinforce concepts learned through TargetSolutions’ continuing education courses.

While TargetSolutions offers pre-built AlphaACT scenarios, fire departments can also create their own. Custom simulations replicating past calls help firefighters leverage experiences to make better decisions in the future. After completing each session, training officers can access results to understand a student’s strengths and areas for improvement.

Organizing a fire department training plan that sufficiently prepares agencies should utilize a variety of training forms. TargetSolutions’ compatibility with diverse types of third-party content gives administrators control over their fire department training plan. TargetSolutions’ dynamic online firefighter training courses, combined with customized third-party content, helps firefighters retain key information and can respond to any emergency.

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