Ensure Preparedness with Revamped First Responder Operations Refresher Training


TargetSolutions’ four-part course, First Responder Operations Level Refresher, was updated with engaging videos and refreshed content to provide up-to-date training and offer practical lessons for emergency responders.

When it comes to any industry, preparedness is the key to ensuring safety. However, for those providing emergency response, frequent training and preparedness can mean the difference between preserving life or ensuing disaster.

TargetSolutions’ four-part course, First Responder Operations Level Refresher, offers valuable training for emergency responders with an emphasis on hazardous materials events and incident management. Each part is in this series was recently revamped with engaging videos and refreshed content to provide the most up-to-date, practical training for mitigating risk, fast decision-making and effective response.

Four-Part Course in First Responder Operations

Presented by an on-screen instructor, these video-based modules immerse individuals and use custom footage and animations to explain lessons. Satisfying requirements of NFPA 472 and 29 CFR 1910.120(q), each of the modules take approximately two hours to complete.

“Well researched, it provides an agency with a complete didactic offering that is functional and ready to go.” Paul Costello, TargetSolutions subject matter expert and training officer with Hillsborough County Fire Rescue (FL.), explained about the course. “Another advantage of our courses is scalability. Because they are four, two-hour sessions, the agency can assign them as they see fit – all at once or broken into chunks. With this powerful cognitive knowledge in-hand, students that complete these courses will be more effective when they put their knowledge to work, either during hands-on training or in the real world doing what we do.”

Learn more about the importance of this refresher series and each modules’ goals below:

Module One describes the different types of hazardous materials and wastes you may encounter in a hazardous materials event, how their hazardous properties are communicated, initial response steps, and common containers in which hazardous materials are stored or transported.

Module Two covers the chemical and physical properties of materials and their impact on storage and transport containers; response objectives, including how to assess the risk to a responder for each hazard class; and how to determine the suitability of SCBA and personal protective equipment.

Module Three addresses the types of incidents and roles and responsibilities for the First Responder position. These range from evacuation to decontamination and understanding what a defensive posture is and how it differs from offensive tactics on such an event. Knowing your role is pivotal to your safety, that of others, and the success of the overall mission.

Module Four covers incident management systems, the operations level responder’s role in the response plane, factors unique to terrorist attacks and intentional incidents, and common agents used by terrorists.

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