Harassment and Discrimination Prevention in Public Safety


Workplace harassment and discrimination can cost organizations millions, not just in lawsuit claims, but also in loss of productivity, turnover and other negative consequences. In the fiscal year 2018, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) secured more than $500 million for victims – resolving more than 90,500 cases.

When discrimination happens in public safety agencies such as fire, EMS or police departments, there are also additional considerations due to public perception. With this, TargetSolutions makes it simple to put together an anti-discrimination program for your organization.

Using the TargetSolutions learning management system (LMS), departments can build a comprehensive harassment prevention credential using TargetSolutions’ online training courses and anti-harassment policy templates.

Discrimination and Harassment for First Responders

Among cases by the EEOC, the two leading types were related to retaliation and sex discrimination, with over 51 percent and 32 percent of total cases, respectively. Additionally, sexual harassment charges increased 14 percent from the previous year and tens of thousands of other cases were reported for discrimination based on disability, race, age, national origin, color, religion and more.

Below are a few examples of such cases in public safety agencies and their results:

TargetSolutions Training for Fire, EMS & Law Enforcement Discrimination Prevention

Preventing discrimination at your agency requires clear communication and training to empower your employees to identify, report and prevent workplace harassment. TargetSolutions offers many training courses that cover different types of discrimination.

Additionally, the platform allows departments to build credentials that bundle together training and organizational policies with eSignature fields. Doing so enables departments to track and report everything while reinforcing company best practices, protecting employees and reducing liability.

Here is a list of TargetSolutions courses for discrimination and workplace harassment prevention:

Sexual Harassment Awareness explains what sexual harassment is, how it affects the workplace environment, what your role is in preventing it, and what to do if you are a victim.

Sexual Harassment Awareness for Supervisors addresses sexual harassment in the workplace, federal and state laws, consequences of harassment, how to prevent sexual harassment, how to handle sexual harassment claims and how to maintain a respectful workplace.

Preventing Discrimination in the Workplace discusses laws prohibiting discrimination and harassment, ways to avoid bias while performing essential job functions, how to squelch discrimination and harassment when they occur, and how to deal with discrimination complaints.

Workplace Bullying addresses the responsibilities of the workplace and the worker, to recognize, deter, and or eliminate workplace bullying such as sabotaging performance, hostile behavior, abuse of power and more.

Workplace Diversity promotes awareness and encourages acceptance, describes strategies to create a positive and accepting work environment and highlights the steps to take if discrimination occurs in the workplace.

Workplace Violence addresses the responsibilities of the workplace and the worker, to recognize, prevent, and protect employees against workplace violence.

Calibre Press: Women in Leadership (LAW) focuses on presenting qualities that women possess that makes them superb leaders and the necessary leadership skills to excel in the law enforcement profession.

Anti-Harassment Training for All Employees – California (SB1343) illustrates how to recognize inappropriate behavior such as sexual harassment, bullying, and gender discrimination as well as acceptable ways to address and report unwelcome conduct.

Anti-Harassment Training for Supervisors and Managers – California (SB1343/AB1825) explains sexual harassment is, how it can occur in the workplace, current legal positions, and how management can maintain a harassment-free workplace.

For questions about TargetSolutions' harassment and discrimination courses, please visit our online Human Resource Training catalog.

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