How to Manage a Geographically Distributed Workforce during COVID-19


As the new coronavirus continues to unfold, schools, retailers, restaurants and corporate offices are shutting down locations across the country. While this effort is vital in reducing the spread of the virus, this decision comes with significant financial and social implications.

For many businesses, this is also the first time they’ve sent employees home to work remotely. To help agencies adjust in this process, Vector Solutions, parent company to TargetSolutions, is releasing a series of complimentary online training courses.

The most recently released course, Smart Management: Managing a Geographically Distributed Workforce, highlights challenges and best practices for managing remote employees.

Smart Management: Managing a Geographically Distributed Workforce

This video-based course discusses the difficulties agencies can encounter when working with remote employees. These challenges are mainly related to communication. Misunderstandings, delayed response, lack of trust and lack of direction are common problems of a remote work environment.

To help combat these common issues, the course explains the importance of developing and communicating a shared vision, the need for ground rules, defining roles and building relationships.

By taking this course, agencies can be better prepared to support an effective remote workplace during this uncertain time. As countries’ responses to protect employees develops, understanding the unique challenges and solutions of working from home is essential.

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Vector Cares: A Free Resource to Agencies of All Industries

Vector Solutions is a leader in eLearning and SaaS performance support solutions for the world’s most critical industries. In 2019, Vector Solutions launched Vector Cares to give back to communities by making the most of its online technologies and courses to promote social awareness and serve as a resource for individuals and agencies.

During the COVID-19 outbreak, Vector Solutions is working to serve as a resource to its clients and the public. In addition to Smart Management: Managing a Geographically Distributed Workforce, Vector Cares is also offering a Coronavirus (COVID-19) Video Resource. This microcourse shares information about how coronavirus spreads, its symptoms, prevention and what to do if you become sick.

Look out for more complimentary resources for organizations for the new coronavirus.

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