Invest in your Employees with Professional Development Training



“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way.” John C. Maxwell


The work environment is strongly based on the leader’s skills and involvement and affects culture, retention, engagement and the overall success of the business. Well-rounded and skilled leaders are essential for the growth and success necessary to facilitate improved culture and productivity.

Leadership development is taking advantage of preparing individual team members for upcoming opportunities. It is important to ensure leaders are well-prepared for promotion to more challenging roles. When employees feel as though they are being taken care of and acknowledged for their hard work by their employer, they are more inclined to stay with the company and work to rise through the ranks. Continued efforts toward leadership development can improve morale, loyalty and profit across the organization. Integrating effective leadership skills and education into your current system of operations allows for growth and lasting success.

Customizing a Leadership Development Strategy

With Casino Essentials’ Learning Management System, CELEXA, organizations can customize their own professional development track based on department and job title.



For example, the Director of Table Games completes the required compliance training, incorporates a position level path through management series training and closes with property wide training to round out a Leadership professional development series. This roadmap can be customized to include any of the Casino Essentials Courses.

Incorporate Professional Development Courses in Incentive Plans

The professional development courses are used to inspire employees to pursue their interests and advance their careers within the organization. CELEXA provides Certificates of Completion as completed courses can be tracked and reported on employee transcript records. Therefore, incentives can be provided to the employees as they complete their Leadership training. Incentives can increase performance by boosting the value employees assign to their individual professional goals, causing them to make stronger commitments to those goals and achieving them. When employees reach their professional goals, they look to achieve more, resulting in improved loyalty with the organization.


Reasons Why Company Sponsored Leadership Training Is Important

Strong evidence shows that company investments in leadership development:

  • Attract and retain talent as leadership development increases employee engagement, the ability to deal with gaps in the talent pipeline and reduces the costs associated with turnover. Developing, coaching and promoting internally is significantly less expensive than the costs associated to hire someone externally.
  • Drive strategy execution. Organizations can closely relate the leadership development series to their own business strategy. This way the employees are equipped with the leadership skills necessary to implement it. The focus of leadership development shapes the culture and strategy for the success of the organization. This can reinforce the organization’s vision, mission and values by setting an example for the top-down.
  • Increase success in navigating change. Leadership development increases employee’s ability to respond appropriately and rapidly in unpredictable and fast-paced business environments. This includes responding effectively to team members by providing constructive feedback and managing personal stress that the personal and professional environment can create.
  • Encourage precise and clear communication. A strong leader is required to be an effective communicator. It’s not only about delivering the message, it’s also about detecting gaps or conflicts from any perspective within the team. Leadership training provides tips for a leader to adapt the message depending on the many variables associated with each receiver.
  • Improve company culture. It’s simple – if organizations invest in employees, employees will invest in the organization. Investing in employee careers, sends a message that they are acknowledged and cared for. This inspires them to meet, possibly exceed, their performance expectations. Including mentor or coaching tracks to the program can boost employee morale as they will feel more connected to one another. This will guide your organization from a typical workplace to a great place to work.

The demands of leadership can be tough. Leadership professional development will equip employees with the best skills to implement a productive and successful work environment that matches the business strategy. Investing in employees will ensure that success.

Are you interested in investing in your employees’ future with professional development?

Casino Essentials is excited to announce a free professional development opportunity for all current and former casino employees. Whether you are a front-line employee or a current manager, these training resources will help build your leadership, communication, and time management skills. Let us help set you up for success when you are ready to return to work!

Register for the Free Professional Development Courses Today!

Once registered, you will have self-service access to six online training modules with over five hours of content! Take advantage of this opportunity to learn new skills, pursue your interests and advance your career with our free professional development courses. Certificates of Completion available.

The program includes the following courses:

Supervisor Basics and Fundamentals

Time Management and Productivity

Measurable Performance Goals and Expectations

Employee Performance Recognition

Manager Basics: Providing Professional Criticism

Manager Basics: Coaching Techniques for Leaders

Casino Essentials’ Learning Management System, CELEXA Video Demonstration

Watch this webinar to learn how Casino Essentials’ learning management system streamlines training and compliance. With Casino Essentials, you can deliver, track and report all types of Title 31 and AML compliance training. Investing in e-Learning could be one of the best investments you make for your organization!

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