Streamline Your Police Workforce Management with Law Enforcement Scheduling Software


Law enforcement professionals, like many other employees in public safety, work long, sometimes unpredictable hours. Consequently, risk factors such as fatigue and stress can threaten job performance and are closely linked to police workforce scheduling.

TargetSolutions Scheduling™ simplifies the management of even the most complicated organizational tasks. Built specifically for the needs of missions-critical industries, this law enforcement scheduling software streamlines crew scheduling, overtime hiring, callbacks, time-off requests and more.

Using TargetSolutions Scheduling™, law enforcement agencies can ensure fairness and efficiency in their workforce management. With the potential to improve employee effectiveness and overall efficiency, this police scheduling software is the ultimate solution to managing your workforce.

Your Law Enforcement Scheduling Made Easy

TargetSolutions’ law enforcement scheduling program allows agencies to automate essential scheduling processes. Accessible through the TargetSolutions Scheduling™ mobile app or through any web-enabled device, this cloud-based solution allows personnel to make real-time updates anytime, anywhere.

The Crew Scheduler dashboard provides an overview of your agency, its stations and the staffing levels for each shift. Supervisors can view staff minimums and qualifications for each shift and quickly identify other schedule updates such as individuals who are out on sick leave. With this snapshot of your agency, changing schedules or an employee’s status is as simple as dragging and dropping their names into the appropriate fields.

A live, interactive Roster Map also allows agencies to visualize their officers during their shifts. This innovative feature enables you to oversee on-duty law enforcement officers, traffic patterns and “hot-spot” areas.

Reduce Schedule Grievances with Automation Tools

The ability to effectively manage your agency’s scheduling and overtime hours directly impacts employees’ performance. Supervisors must be careful to not over-schedule officers while also ensuring there’s proper coverage. In TargetSolutions Check It™, customizable automation tools make managing overtime, callbacks and other scheduling tasks painless. By automating processes, agencies can reduce the workload of supervisory personnel who manage scheduling, prevent human error and ensure fairness.

Rules-based qualifiers give personnel autonomy in coordinating their own shift trades in the Shift Trades module; while regulating shift swap requests based on officers’ positions and availability.

Similarly, law enforcement officers can use the vacation calendar to plan their own time off and request vacation based on the availability of coverage, their own title/rank and time spent at the agency. By giving personnel the responsibility of submitting their own shift trades or vacation time, agencies can improve transparency and virtually eliminate schedule grievances.

Callbacks can also be automated with customizable tools. Agencies can create a ranked contact list that prioritizes who gets notified of a callback opportunity or choose to contact all qualified employees at once. With these rules in place, all it takes is a few clicks to auto-generate callbacks and reach personnel via phone calls, text messages or in-platform notifications.

Track and Report Your Workforce

With TargetSolutions Scheduling™, you can track everything. All actions taken through the law enforcement scheduling software are documented and quantifiable for reports. Accurate tracking ensures nothing falls through the cracks and gives agencies the data they need to make sure their workforce is running smoothly.

When the time comes to run reports for payroll or other purposes, flexible filters sort information to focus results. Easily produce detailed reports on the month’s overtime hours for the whole agency, or oversee sick time for a specific individual, or report on total callback hours for the year. Best of all, reports are visually driven and as detailed as you’d like.

To share reports externally, a number of export options are supported in this law enforcement scheduling program. Generate reports in Excel, CSV or PDF formats for external agencies or further analysis.

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