New Hydrant Inspections Solution in TargetSolutions Check It™


Ongoing enhancements are frequently made to TargetSolutions Check It™. With this inspection management system, departments can easily manage apparatus, equipment, controlled substances and all inventory. Now, inspections for fixed assets, such as hydrants, have been added to this list of functionalities.

Hydrants is a new equipment pool feature in the system that tracks routine hydrant checks. With this solution, fire departments can keep an accurate record of hydrants, their water flow capacity, location and more.

Simplify Hydrant Checks

For easy setup of the Hydrants module, you can mass import hydrants via an Excel spreadsheet. The system will use this data to auto-fill hydrant information such as the location, the system operator and water main size.

When performing a hydrant check, you can input the discharge coefficient, discharge diameter, pitot reading, static pressure and residual pressure. Using this information, the system calculates the water flow via gallons per minute (GPM). This lets your department accurately track the flow capacity of hydrants.

If personnel report a hydrant as damaged, they are required to write a description. Then, the failed check step automatically creates a service ticket. From there, department members can view the hydrant as out of order and track its repair status.

Use an Interactive Map to Track Hydrant Locations

As a fixed asset, you can identify the location of hydrants on an interactive map. When you hover over each hydrant, you can view its fire flow, GPM and last inspection date.

Additionally, hydrants on the map are color coded based on the NFPA standard for identifying GPM. Using the map legend, firefighters can view the flow capacity of a hydrant and, at a glance, know it will meet their needs.

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