New Signature Workflow in Evaluations+

New Signature Workflow in Evaluations+

Multiple signatures are often required on performance evaluations and other form-based submissions. To better ensure that all required signatures are collected and nothing falls through the cracks, customers will have the new capabilities to create signature workflows in Evaluations+. 

Signature and Signature (non-locking) question types have several options you can enable to improve the workflow of any evaluation requiring multiple sign-offs. 

First, you can add permissions to the question to ensure that only the appropriate people can sign. Second, you can turn on notifications so that the next signer is notified when it is their turn to sign. And third, you can enable the option for the next signers to see evaluations on their To Do Lists when their signature is needed.

Some evaluations require more than two people who need to ‘sign off’ on an evaluation. In emergency medical services or law enforcement, for example, it’s common to have multiple required signatures on daily observation reports or at the end of a probationary employee’s FTO program. Many agencies—fire, EMS, law—also use Evaluations+ for annual performance reviews, in which there may be two, three, or even more levels of leadership who need to sign off on an evaluation. 

Image of Evaluations+ Signature Feature

It is common in the paramedic field for a preceptor to sign off on a student skill, followed by the medical student and then the preceptor coordinator also needing to sign off. For the preceptor coordinator (or any leader with multiple management layers) who might oversee many, many students, the convenience of having all of the required signatures in their “To-Do” list queue can make this administrative task much easier, and help ensure nothing is missed. 

Vector Evaluations+ Screenshot

Additionally, as part of the new signature workflow feature, there is also a new notification option to alert users when their signature is required on a form. In the “Account Preferences” section, administrators can select the notification frequency (i.e. immediate, daily, weekly) and customize the notification message.

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