New Requirements for Sexual Harassment Prevention in New York


TargetSolutions' custom-built credential allows agencies to deliver new policies and training for New York's sexual harassment prevention mandates.

Beginning on Oct. 9, 2018, New York State is implementing new laws to protect organizations across all industries against sexual harassment. With these new laws, employers are required to have a sexual harassment prevention policy in place that reflects the new updates and provide training to all employees.

To help simplify the process, TargetSolutions has custom-built credentials for sexual harassment prevention, for both employees and supervisors, that includes engaging, video-driven training and policy templates for New York mandates.

Sexual Harassment Prevention Policy Requirements

New mandates being released in October require employers to adopt a sexual harassment prevention policy that clearly prohibits sexual harassment with examples of prohibited behavior, informs employees of their rights, and includes a complaint form. This new policy will apply to all employees, contractors, and employers in New York.

TargetSolutions Credential

TargetSolutions’ New York sexual harassment prevention credential features training for both employees and supervisors. The two courses, Sexual Harassment Awareness and Sexual Harassment Awareness for Supervisors, explain sexual harassment, offer examples, and cover supervisor responsibilities in interactive, web-based lessons.

The credential also provides the example templates of a sexual harassment prevention policy and complaint form from the New York State website. Additionally, employers can not only ensure personnel receive the policy with e-signatures, but also check for comprehension with a customizable quiz.

Section 201-g of the Labor Law regarding sexual harassment prevention requirements are outlined and addressed by TargetSolutions through the following:

  • Be interactive: TargetSolutions' training courses, Sexual Harassment Awareness and Sexual Harassment Awareness for Supervisors, are web-based courses with thought-provoking quizzes and immersive material.
  • Include an explanation of sexual harassment consistent with guidance issued by the Department of Labor: TargetSolutions' courses provide in-depth explanations of sexual harassment.
  • Include examples of conduct that would constitute unlawful sexual harassment: TargetSolutions' courses discuss examples of behavior that are considered sexual harassment.
  • Include information concerning the federal and state statutory provisions: The credentials highlight federal and state statutory provisions for sexual harassment and available remedies for victims by allowing agencies to deliver their own policies and adding policy templates developed by the state of New York.
  • Include information concerning employee's rights of redress and all available forums for adjudicating complaints: Template policies and complaint forms from the New York State website can be delivered through the TargetSolutions credentials. Please seek guidance on specific information required in policies.
  • Include information addressing conduct by supervisors: TargetSolutions' course, Sexual Harassment Awareness for Supervisors, provides supervisor-specific training regarding conduct and additional responsibilities around sexual harassment

Please note, it is your organization's responsibility to ensure training meets state requirements. TargetSolutions does not provide a live trainer to answer questions about its training courses. We recommend someone in your organization's HR department be available to answer questions about the training and materials presented. In addition, TargetSolutions provides "Sexual Harassment Awareness" in English and Spanish, and "Sexual Harassment Awareness for Supervisors" in English. Employers should provide training in the language spoken by their employees. In addition, the new regulations require employees to complete this training by the end of the year. This is an annual requirement and it is suggested that a signed acknowledgement is kept on record but is not required. TargetSolutions' recordkeeping of who has passed the course annually should substitute as acknowledging compliance with the annual requirement. All new employees must take this training within 30 days of their start date. Customers of TargetSolutions need to contact their account manager to download these customizable credentials built for the state of New York.

For more information about TargetSolutions’ Sexual Harassment Prevention credentials for New York, please contact us today!

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