Enhanced NFPA 1001 Online Courses in TargetSolutions’ Firefighter Training Catalog


TargetSolution’s online firefighter course catalog features more than 250 hours of comprehensive training for the fire service. Part of this training library is TargetSolutions’ NFPA 1001 series with courses highlighting crucial topics for Firefighter I & II awareness and refresher level courses according to NFPA codes and standards.

Two courses in this series, NFPA 1001 Rescue and Extrication and NFPA 1001 Loss Control, have been updated to include more engaging lessons and interactions. Each of these 1-hour courses are now video-based to immerse the learner in key points. These two courses also utilize an on-screen instructor and feature live demonstrations to further enhance learning.

More details about newly enhanced training courses in the NFPA 1001 series are outlined below:

NFPA 1001 Rescue and Extrication

Most structure fires are put out before significant damage is done, but when the structure burns while people are trapped inside, the firefighter must ensure that all areas are searched, and all victims are located and removed. There is a wide array of tools and equipment available to facilitate search and rescue, but ultimately it is the firefighter’s training, situational awareness, experience, and skill mastery, that get the job done.

This course describes the best methods for conducting safe, effective, and efficient searches; use of the PASS system; and ways to identify and use key rescue and extrication tools and equipment.

NFPA 1001 Loss Control

This course discusses loss control as a key element in all fire service operations. It explains the need for salvage operations planning and how to conduct them, the various methods of using storage covers, and ways to contain smoke and water damage.

Additionally, and of critical importance in this course, meeting the needs of fire victims is emphasized.

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