Planning for Summer and Fall Professional Development for School Staff

Planning for Summer and Fall Professional Development for School Staff

Planning for Summer and Fall Professional Development for School Staff

The temperatures may still be below freezing in many areas, but as we head into spring, planning for the 2022-23 school year is in full swing, including assessing and planning for the professional development needs for your educators and staff. As we begin to emerge from the pandemic, it’s a good time to put the resources in place to ensure new hires are up to date on required training. It’s also an opportunity to proactively address new PD goals, such as helping educators manage student mental health and behavior challenges, expanding your diversity and inclusion programs, and improving safety and compliance to help reduce risk and liability for your district.


Professional Development Resources for Every Department

Did you know that we offer a comprehensive suite of engaging, expert-authored online safety, compliance, and prevention courses for K-12 schools? Our web-based system completely automates your training, saving valuable time and money. Easily deliver, track, and report on training, and comply with important state and federal mandates.

  1. Staff Safety & Compliance
  2. Student Safety & Mental Health Courses
  3. Special Education Courses for Paraeducators & Teachers
  4. Diversity & Inclusion for Staff & Students
  5. School Bus Safety Training for Drivers
  6. Child Sexual Abuse Prevention in Schools
  7. Facilities Maintenance Training

You can use our wide variety of courses, or easily create your own custom courses in our system. Add your district policies, too! You can even create a custom New Hire Training Plan to ensure all new hires get the same information as existing staff to get them up to speed. Vector Training can help you cover a wide range of PD goals and makes training administration easy.

Plus, our integrated PD Tracking system, helps you easily schedule, manage, and track all your district PD events and activities.


Explore our courses online, or download our catalog to see the complete course library available for K-12 schools.

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