Platform Enhancement: Tagging Events and Calendar Placement Options in TargetSolutions LMS

TargetSolutions’ suite of applications for training management, workforce scheduling and department inspections is frequently updated with new and improved features. Recent enhancements to the TargetSolutions learning management system (LMS) focus on the events and calendar modules.

Now, agencies have the ability to tag events and configure where in the platform they can access the calendar. These improvements to the LMS are driven by client feedback for better accessibility and increased organization.  

More Organization with Event Tagging

Similar to tagging an activity or credential, the ability to tag events now makes it simple to organize how your department uses the events and calendar modules. Tags for events can help employees sort through events in their calendars for only what’s relevant to them, such as “EMS training”, and lets agencies determine what type of events are available to individuals.

For example, if a department doesn’t want firefighter supervisors to be able to manage a paramedic refresher training event, they can tag that event, and restrict certain supervisors from seeing it. Similarly, a paramedic training event can be more easily found by specific employees by searching or filtering by a specific tag. This function will keep events more organized and reduce confusion and mistakes.

Lastly, when running Events – Enrollment or Events Enrollment – Exception reports, you can now filter by tag. This allows you to easily find any event relevant to your tag.

Easily Access Your Department Calendar 

The Calendar in the TargetSolutions LMS was completely redesigned for a more convenient and user-friendly interface. With this latest platform enhancement, administrators can now select where they want their Calendar link. They can choose to access it from the top navigation (the default setting), from the left navigation, or both. Whichever display settings are chosen will take effect for all users on the site.

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