RedVector Congratulates 2019 “Safety Champions” in Tampa


RedVector honored six exceptional men and women for their outstanding achievements in the area of safety during a special recognition event March 5 in Tampa, Florida. These 2019 “safety champions” were nominated by peers, co-workers and others, and were selected by RedVector based on their special dedication to reducing risk in the workplace. Winners hailed from a variety of industries, including industrial manufacturing, construction and others.

RedVector Congratulates 2019 “Safety Champions”Want to train your team members to become “safety champions?” View our health, safety and environment training curriculum.


In addition to receiving an all-expenses-paid trip to Florida, the winning safety champions enjoyed a Tampa Bay Lightning game together at Amalie Arena. See the 2019 list of winners and excerpts from their peer nominations here:

Rosa Connell, Lakeside Industries, Inc., Regional Safety & Health Specialist

“Rosa joined the Risk/Safety Dept 2.5 years ago after spending over 20 years with our company in Traffic Control and Quality Control. She has helped us launch our industrial athlete training program for warm-up exercises. She has received specialized training in industrial hygiene and purchased IH equipment to complete air quality monitoring for potential silica dust at 17 production facilities in 2018. She completed silica competent person training for over 50 supervisory personnel and helped take the lead on 2 new task-specific silica exposure control plans (one for General Industry and one for Construction operations). She also took on responsibility for building a Respiratory Protection Training Handbook. Rosa had an incredible year of high impact results in 2018. One of the strongest single years of performance among the over 120 safety professionals I have managed over the years.”

Henry Jackson, U.S. Sugar, EHS Manager

“Henry challenged to change the culture and he has been meeting that challenge every day. Truly cares about the company and the people that work here. He is doing what he loves and it shows by overall concern about all the people that work for the plant to keep them safe.”

Paul Kerstiens, BRB Contractors, Inc., Safety Director

“Paul came into the company as safety director at the start of 2016. Prior to that, we had an average of 18 OSHA recordables per year and our EMR jumped from a .85 to a 1.15. In the 3 years that he has ran the safety program, we have gone from 2 recordables in 2016 to 1 recordable in 2017 and have just completed our first year since 1959 (founding year) without any recordables. Our EMR went from 1.15 in 2016 to 1.28 in 2017 to 1.13 in 2018 and our insurance carrier projects it to be a .74 for 2019 because of the incredible 3 year period. We have not had a new open WC insurance claim in the past 3 years and our insurance broker is shopping out WC carriers because of this 3 year trend. It is through his hard work and a caring attitude towards the employees that this trend has changed and the safety attitude of the employees has improved. He has trained all foremen and above in OSHA 30 to get their buy in to safety and has educated them in the true cost of safety to the company and the individuals families.”

Scott Sessions, Universal Orlando, Specialist, EHS

“Scott goes above and beyond regarding harness safety for our team members and ensuring that they receive the proper equipment as well as information as it pertains to performing high risk tasks within our parks. He is dedicated to the Team Members and their overall safety as they perform job functions. He is always eager to inform Team Members with the educational knowledge that he has obtained.”

Lisa DeBenedetto, Maser Consulting, Health and Safety Manager

“Lisa has worked with a programmer to create an internal Health and Safety checklist website. She has created a system for reporting Near Misses to ensure everyone keeps safety in mind at all times and so we can mitigate risk before it becomes an injury.”

Sean Keaney, Suffolk Construction, Senior Safety Manager

“Along with being a well-respected Safety Manager at Suffolk jobs throughout the Northeast region, Sean has also stepped up to the plate and volunteered himself to take on a massive CPR and First Aid training initiative. Sean is overseeing the national rollout of instructor-led CPR and First Aid training for Suffolk. For a few years, Suffolk has offered CPR and First Aid certification to its Boston-based employees, but has never been able to rollout the training nation-wide. Sean has recruited and trained Subject Matter Experts in every region to begin teaching classes. He has also been heavily involved in filling classes with participants, monitoring rosters, and ensuring Suffolk’s 1200 employees have the opportunity to take and successfully complete the course.”

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