Sexual Assault Awareness Month 2021


What You Do Today, Might Change Someone's Tomorrow

Even with the best prevention efforts in place, sadly, students, faculty, and staff throughout the world will become victims of sexual assault on campus and violence. At Vector Solutions, we know that each of us plays a vital role in preventing and reducing sexual assault on campus and violence. A role so important that our actions today can very well change the outcomes for tomorrow.

That’s why in honor of Sexual Assault Awareness Month, Vector Solutions is providing a variety of free valuable resources to educators and administrators to use on their campus and in their classrooms to change student and employee behaviors regarding sexual assault and violence.

On April 28, 2021 at 2:00 PM ET, join our "10 Keys to Sexual Violence Prevention in 2021 | An Expert Panel Discussion" with Alison Kiss Dougherty and Shondrika Merritt.

This session will summarize research on the perception of African American college women on sexual violence and consider opportunities for organizational change to implement a sexual assault response team (SART). The session content stems from the blending of Alison Kiss Dougherty and Shondrika Merritt’s important research in these two areas.


Upcoming Webinar: 10 Keys to Sexual Violence Prevention in 2021 | An Expert Panel Discussion

Learning Outcomes:

  • Participants will be able to revisit prevention material through a lens of intersectionality of race and sexual violence.
  • Participants will be able to develop a plan to create a functioning response team including communication tools and member recruitment.
  • Participants will understand best and promising practices for developing a comprehensive sexual violence prevention and response program.

Our Expert Presenters


Shondrika Merritt

Assistant Dean of Students for Student Advocacy | The New School


Alison Kiss Dougherty

Senior Associate | Margolis Healy & Associates

PSA: What You Do Today Might Change Someone's Tomorrow


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On-Demand Webinar: Decoding Digital Abuse | Prevention Strategies and Beyond

Sexual exploitation was not included in most campus sexual misconduct policies until recently, if at all. Much of the commentary on the topic is based in victim-blaming for the new age: “why did you put yourself in that position?” is the updated “what were you wearing?” In a continually evolving landscape of social media platforms, apps, video and photo sharing services, surveillance technology, and more, how can outreach efforts best target effective risk reduction, primary prevention, and changing social norms? How will pending Title IX regulations impact on technology-facilitated sexual violence?

This Webinar Will:

  • Provide an explanation of what constitutes digital abuse.
  • Identify the similarities and differences between digital abuse and other forms of sexual violence.
  • Inform on how to stay current on technologies related to digital abuse.
  • Advise on how prevention education can encompass digital abuse.
  • Discuss the pending Title IX regulations and their impact on digital abuse.

Our Presenter


Michelle Issadore, M.Ed. is the Vice President, Association Management for TNG Consulting, a SafeColleges Training Author, the former Senior Associate Executive Director for the Association of Title IX Administrators (ATIXA), and the former Executive Director of the School and College Organization for Prevention Educators (SCOPE). Michelle spent five years as Assistant Director of the Women’s Center at Lehigh University where she coordinated sexual violence prevention and response, including annual and ongoing trainings and programming for faculty, staff, and students.

Free Digital Resources

We've created a variety of free resources for institutions for higher education to use in their sexual assault prevention efforts. Check back often to see what other resources are available!


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