Special Report: “Don’t Gamble on Employee Training and Onboarding”

Special Report: “Don’t Gamble on Employee Training and Onboarding”

There’s been a surge in job fairs and new hires for casinos since the summer broke, and the push for and rate of people getting vaccinated have steadily increased. But with rapid recovery from the pandemic, and the unthawing of hiring freezes comes what can be considered good problems: How do you onboard and compliance-train so many new staff orderly, efficiently, and quickly?

The answer? Online training.

Onboarding Amid the Unexpected

In Vector’s new report on onboarding trends in the casino industry, “Don’t Gamble on Employee Training and Onboarding,” experts discuss the difficulties casinos face in coordinating large groups of new hires. Vector LMS for Casinos is a total management solution specifically designed for the casino and gaming industry. That means our solutions anticipate industry and work culture needs. It also means that Vector understands the unique challenges of casino and gaming organizations.

Even as we continue to ride the wave of the pandemic and its unpredictable effects on social norms and business, having an online training solution that is available to employees company-wide and across locations with the same training information gives the relief and assurance that:

  1. You can control what content employees receive at work and away
  2. Training is uniform and consistent, so everyone gets the same information
  3. Course assignments and automation simplify the onboarding process and lighten your workload

Latest Courses on What Matters Most

We provide relevant and contemporary HR, compliance to accommodate new hires at your property, and self-service content creation tools so you maintain brand and work culture standards. Because all of the content is accessible online, team members can get the work done at their convenience, and that results in higher completion rates, less manual effort, and getting team members on the floor faster.

Learning Management System

With Vector LMS, organizations are able to use our Training Matrix to assign job titles and departments to specific courses as well as create email notifications for failed or new courses. When onboarding in huge numbers, having an LMS training platform that gets the job done with a one-time set-up and a few keystrokes takes away some of the strain and frustration that comes with the fast-paced gaming and casino environment.

Inside Vector’s Onboarding Report

Vector Solutions for Casinos’ “Don’t Gamble on Employee Training and Onboarding” is a perceptive look into challenges the casino and gaming industry faces while offering Vector LMS and its content as a proven and practical solution. Hear from industry experts and casino professionals on how Vector Solutions helps facilitate their onboarding process. 

In this seven-page special report, uncover blind spots your organization may have in its training and onboarding processes. Click here to learn more!

Report Overview:

  • Enable Faster and Safer Processes
  • Leverage Control and Customization
  • Streamline Onboarding and Management

BONUS: 4 Things to Look for in an Online Onboarding and Training Partner

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About Vector Solutions

Vector Solutions for Casinos has been in the industry for over 10 years, as the leading Saas provider for online Title 31 and Anti-Money laundering training, helping clients meet federal mandates for reporting certain currency transactions to uncover money laundering and other financial crimes. Over the years we have built a comprehensive gaming-specific course catalog containing nearly 150 online training courses from Customer Loyalty, to Safety, Leadership Training and more, all hosted in our powerful Learning Management system, Vector LMS (formerly CELEXA, a Casino Essentials brand).

We proudly serve over 350 casinos nationwide. Vector LMS for Casinos is trusted by Boyd Gaming, Jack Entertainment, Bally’s Corporation, Four Winds Casinos, Wind Creek Hospitality, Desert Diamond Casinos, Muscogee Creek Nation Casinos, Delaware North Casinos, & Foxwoods Resort Casino, and more! Our learning management system, Vector LMS for Casinos, is the most user-friendly platform on the market.

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