TargetSolutions’ Driver Assessment and Training Program: Creating Safer Roadways


It’s estimated that every year, roughly 1.3 million people die in car accidents worldwide. Of these fatal accidents, there are a number of causes such as distracted driving, drowsy driving, speeding, impaired driving and dangerous weather conditions.

Preparing personnel for driving under such conditions can be challenging. It’s difficult to deliver training that recreates all the hazards personnel can encounter on the road. That’s why TargetSolutions’ all-new Driver Assessment and Training Program is an invaluable resource to any agency.

TargetSolutions’ Driver Assessment and Training Program is a premium training and assessment bundle that evaluates your drivers’ competencies and creates a personalized 12-course training program according to their results. Available in the TargetSolutions training platform at an additional cost, this exam and online course series helps organizations promote safer driving practices and improve safety compliance.

Assess Your Organization’s Liability

The exam portion of the TargetSolutions Driver Program tests a driver’s reaction times and overall driver safety knowledge. Using the first-person perspective, individuals are placed in the driver seat and immersed into a 3D-animated environment. In this simulation, personnel are presented with different driving hazards and are evaluated on their ability to identify and avoid the hazard in a timely manner.

Once individuals complete the assessment, they’re given a 24-question exam and provided detailed feedback for each test exercise. Then, based on their performance (80 percent weighted from the interactive assessment and 20 percent weighted from the test questions), they are assigned TargetSolutions’ custom driver safety training series. This training series is 12 courses long and prioritizes training topics according to the individual’s needs. One course is automatically assigned each month for a year and the order of the courses is personalized based on learning gaps.


Ensure Driver Safety Compliance with Online Training

Online courses in TargetSolutions' Driver Assessment and Training Program are 100 percent video based and use the same engaging 3D format as the driver assessment. Each of the auto-assigned courses cover hot topics for driver safety training. Courses include the following titles:

  • Backing Up Safely
  • Dangers of Distracted Driving
  • Environmental Driving Hazards
  • Hazard Perception - Hidden Hazards
  • Preventing Intersection Collisions – Cross Traffic
  • Preventing Intersection Collisions – Rear-ends
  • Preventing Intersection Collisions – Turning
  • Preventing Loss of Control Crashes
  • Preventing Sideswipe Collisions
  • Sharing the Road with Pedestrians and Cyclists
  • Speed and Space Management
  • Work Zone Driving Hazards

Unlike other learning tools, such as dashboard camera footage, these 3D courses immerse learners in dangerous driving conditions that are difficult to replicate. Lessons covering intersection collisions and loss of control are given in a safe, controlled learning environment. Additionally, animated courses are easier to update and keep content current – showing any time of year or day and any situation drivers may encounter.

Streamline Training with Automation Tools

All administrators have to do to initiate the assessment and training is assign the program to their personnel. The system takes care of the rest.

The assessment automatically captures individual's reaction times and performance as they go through each interaction and generate in-depth feedback according to an individuals’ responses. Then, the solution uses these metrics to determine the sequence of the driver's year-long training. These automation tools make it simple for organizations to promote safer driving and reduce liability.

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