Fire Up Your Training: TargetSolutions Releases All-New NFPA 1410 Training Series on Fireground Evolutions


TargetSolutions is excited to announce the release of 14 new training courses illustrating the most commonly practiced fireground evolutions. These video-based courses are written to the NFPA firefighter training standard.

The National Fire Protection Agency estimates that of the 33 million calls answered by emergency responders in 2015, only 4 percent were for working fires.

This statistic follows a noticeable trend over the last four decades: Fires are declining across the country. That doesn’t mean firefighters are any safer, however. Many believe the current landscape is just as dangerous due to a lack of real-life experiences.

This accentuates the need for quality pre-training and hands-on training that educates firefighters and makes time on the drill-yard even more productive. That’s where TargetSolutions and its new 14-course bundle written to the NFPA 1410 firefighter training standard can make a difference.

Fireground evolutions are complex mechanisms. Although considered basic skill sets, maintaining an expert level of competence with these drills is a challenge when they’re not practiced with regularity.

TargetSolutions’ new training courses, each an hour in length, beautifully highlight the process of each evolution, including a thorough explanation on the required timing and positional expectations. Hosted by subject matter expert Paul Costello, who serves as a training officer at Hillsborough County Fire Rescue in Tampa, Fla., each HD-quality course features a fully-narrated, step-by-step demonstration.

“Having everyday access to a course library of these company evolutions is going to greatly broaden the horizons for the daily company and multi-company training that we do in the fire service,” said Costello, who supervised the production of the evolutions at St. Charles Fire Department’s training facility in Missouri.

“These are drills that fire companies should practice on and master because they’re the bread and butter of what we do on the fireground…From what I have seen over the years, I’ve never seen courses of such high quality. That by itself makes these completely unique. It’s a very well thought out production from start to finish.”

Paul Costello, Training Officer, Hillsborough County Fire Rescue

Please note, these courses are still going through the accreditation process in states that accept online training for firefighter recertification. For more information on TargetSolutions’ online training for fire departments, please contact us at (800) 840-8048.

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