The Future of Firefighter Training is Here

The Future of Firefighter Training is Here

Telegraphs to smartphones, floppy disks to cloud storage, typewriters to tablets—the evolution of technology continues to accelerate to create faster, easier, and better ways of performing tasks.

If your fire department is still spending countless hours tracking licensing, certification, recertification, compliance, and other mission-critical and required training on spreadsheets, notepads, and local files, it's time to uplevel.

Better prepare and protect your department and firefighters with Vector Solutions' Learning Management System (formerly TargetSolutions), a comprehensive web-based training platform that delivers, tracks, and reports on all types of training activities.

Firefighter Training Technology

When it comes to firefighter training technology, Vector Solutions is at the forefront. What used to take hours, days, or weeks to accomplish can now be completed before lunch with a few simple clicks. LMS Training Platform Tracking and Reporting

With more than 450 hours of firefighting courses and 250 hours of accredited EMS training, including NFPA and CAPCE courses, Vector LMS enables departments to satisfy training requirements for ISO reviews or any other compliance agency. Its user-friendly, customizable platform allows departments to curate training to fit their unique needs with the flexibility to add custom content in the Activities Builder, including policies, SOPs and SOGs, and SCORM training, in addition to the industry-specific built-in course library.


Remember the days of having to count minutes on your phone? You may have lost track every so often, but your phone company certainly never did, and they had the bills to prove it. Vector LMS has turned the tables on that technology by delivering a dynamic tracking mindset straight to your fingertips. Pre-course work? Tracked. Classroom or online training assignments? Tracked. Drill-yard skill assessments? Tracked. Policy reviews or license renewals? Tracked.

Whether you work for a large metro department or a smaller combination/volunteer agency, Vector LMS can be tailored to meet your training needs. Save time and money with an innovative solution that gives departments the ability to meet firefighter training requirements, eliminate unnecessary expenses and reduce risk.

When it comes to the value of digitally tracking training, Captain Watson, Training Coordinator for San Antonio Fire Department, had this to say:

"Vector LMS allows us to build and deliver training content; document individual, company, and battalion-level training; and make it all available to be seen by everyone without having a big paper trail."


There's no shortage of ISO horror stories as training officers from departments big and small can attest to how grueling such a review can be. Struggling to piece together spreadsheets, searching for records, and deciphering what training meets which requirements can feel like wandering through a labyrinth of breadcrumbs.

However, what used to be a colossal undertaking is now just another day at the office. Vector LMS ISO Training Tracker consists of dynamic online courses and digital tracking built specifically to meet ISO's standards. The LMS has an intuitive recordkeeping system that automatically tracks assignment completions and generates detailed reports that are structured perfectly for ISO's reviewing process.

In addition to making training easier to assign, adopting Vector Solutions has made meeting ISO requirements straightforward. Assistant Chief Tracy Braley for Cape Canaveral Volunteer Fire Department in Florida shared:

"I can check our records at any time and make sure we are on track in terms of ISO. As firefighters, we wait until the last minute. So, I'm able to set deadlines for training and see who is missing courses. This way, I know everything is good to go by the time we're due for a review."


With continuing education that meets federal, state, and local mandates, Vector Solutions' LMS offers more than 250 hours of CAPCE accredited EMS courses for EMTs, paramedics, and EMRs.

LMS Training Platform EMS CAPCE

Danial Biorge, Paramedic and EMS Training Specialist with Unified Fire Authority (UFA), shared how they leverage the LMS for fire and EMS training:

"We use the LMS to assign and track all our training and recertifications for state licensures. With the COVID-19 pandemic, we started using more distributed training from the 100+ assignments we have built in the LMS. We also use the LMS to distribute internal policy changes, reviews, and acknowledgments, along with a monthly Q&A video from the Chief."

With the LMS, UFA can easily track everyone's training and certification status and use the bulletin board for administrative groups and committees to share documents via the file center.

The Credentials feature, an easy-to-use tool for managing online EMS training, puts you in the driver's seat for tracking the training personnel need to remain compliant. Scheduling training assignments, setting deadline alert notifications, and delivering and tracking employee training records are just a few of the highlights of this powerhouse feature.


LMS Training Platform Streamline Compliance Tracking the rigorous firefighter training requirements, simplifying ISO reporting, and managing recertification are all important components for maintaining compliance at your department. With Vector Solutions, gone are the days of hunching over countless drawers of file cabinets. Instead, training managers can oversee every facet of their department's training with a few clicks of a mouse.


  • Vector LMS will streamline your entire training program
  • Never break a sweat for ISO reporting again
  • Track every hour of every training assignment
  • Digital repository of all required documents, reports, policies, and other organizational materials are always accessible
  • More than 450 hours of fire department training, including 250 hours of EMS recertification courses
  • Available 24/7 and mobile compatible

With Vector Solutions' online training platform, meeting firefighter training requirements is stress-free and simplified. Contact us and get started on your path to better outcomes for your department.

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