Vector Announces New Course Media Player

Vector Announces New Course Media Player

At Vector Solutions, we're always working hard and innovating to deliver solutions that address our customer's problems and help them more effectively reach their desired performance outcomes. Most recently, that means we've updated the course video player inside our learning management system that plays all of the elearning courses that Vector Solutions produces and provides to our customers (that's more than 3,000 elearning courses for the the industrial/manufacturing and architect, engineering & construction (AEC) industries!).

Here are some of the cool features you and learners at your organization will now experience when playing Vector-produced courses in the Vector LMS:

  • All courses will play in the same consistent, standard video player. This reduces the amount of time learners have to spend simply trying to figure out how to do things like click the "play" or "pause" button, access the audio transcript, advance to the next screen, and so on.
  • All courses will launch in the same window as the LMS.  This eliminates having the LMS in one window and the course in a second window.
  • All courses will allow learners to easily toggle the audio transcript between on (visible) and off (hidden) states.
  • All courses will allow learners to select to have the audio and audio transcript presented in any of 40+ languages (translations are generated through machine learning and are free to Vector customers).
  • The audio transcript is now searchable--just type in a word and the course will take you to that part of the transcript (and read the next section below for an exciting follow-up feature related to this).
  • Courses now have an "interactive transcript" feature. This allows learners to open the audio transcript, find the exact part of the course they want to view, click on those words, and have the elearning course automatically advance to and play the selected learning material.
  • The courses will be presented in a "mobile responsive" viewing experience, making it easier for learners to view and complete courses on any type of device--desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone.
  • The Vector LMS will sense the rate at which the learner's connection is streaming the video/audio and automatically adjust the video/audio bitrate to create the best streaming and viewing conditions for the learner based on their current Internet connection.
  • Courses will include self-check "quizzes" and end-of-course tests that now include a wider variety of assessment item types, making assessment more effective.

Pretty cool, huh?

For even more information and some visuals, check out the recording below with Michael Ojdana explaining the features of our new course media player and the roll-out schedule.

Let us know if you've got any questions and we hope these new features help you train workers more effectively and improve your desired business outcomes.

Before you go, you might want to download our Beginner's Guide to Online Training if you'd like a helpful introduction to some of the tech, terms, and training tips involved in online training.

Want to Know More?

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