VECTOR SOLUTIONS C.O.R.E.: Part 3 of 4 – Risk Management

VECTOR SOLUTIONS C.O.R.E.: Part 3 of 4 – Risk Management

This is the third installment in our four-part series exploring C.O.R.E – Compliance and Certification, Operational Readiness, Risk Management, and Efficiency Improvement – as key factors driving optimized performance leveraging a total performance solution like Vector Solutions.

Part 3 of 4: Risk Management

As discussed previously in the first installment addressing the key factors that drive optimized performance, compliance and certification are critical for every organization. Helping to mitigate risks and ensure that there are no legal issues or penalties, compliance and certification deliver continuing education and accreditation.

The second tenet, operational readiness, leverages technology to arm staff with real-time data, training, incident and accident reporting, SDS management, staff evaluation, and professional development tracking in order to help organizations operate at the highest level.

The third tenet, risk management, provides safety improvements and reduces risks and claims, while the fourth tenet, efficiency improvement, reduces asset downtime and bolsters process and workflow.

Each tenet acts as a strategic piece of the C.O.R.E. puzzle that serves to optimize performance and empower organizations with a workforce that is compliant, certified, prepared, safe, and efficient.

Every employer’s number one goal is to make sure each and every employee – and those under their care – go home safely every night without exception. And that brings us to this third installment.

Here, we demystify risk management.

Total Risk Management Performance Solutions

Safety improvements and training are critical to clients across all three of our business units – commercial, education, and public sector. They all face many risks and hazards in the workplace, whether it’s machine equipment, wildfires, or a school shooting. 

And the world’s best organizations recognize that a strong risk management strategy connects reports on accidents, incidents and near-misses with past training deficits and future training assignments. These organizations are always looking for ways to mitigate, manage and eliminate risks while improving safety and lowering claims. 

Vector Solutions’ risk management solutions are bolstered by just-in-time training options and allow us to provide organizations with the data they need – as soon as it is needed – to make those life-saving decisions.

Not only do risk management courses and products help organizations and their employees do their jobs better, but they also help them stay safe. Reducing risk and ensuring proper safety protocols at work reduces the likelihood of accidents and injuries and also helps keep costs down.

But while training is key to this component, knowing when to train and what training is needed should be automatic and triggered by data that flows from critical safety systems. A total risk management solution can …  

Modernize And Automate Workflows And Reports

Using a cloud-based system, organizations can investigate and manage injury and accident reports through any web-enabled device, eliminating paper-and-pen, Excel, and other antiquated tracking methods that have proven inefficient. 

With an automated risk management solution, users can eliminate paperwork and streamline claims management processes, create state, federal, insurance or organization reports, set reminders for supervisors or other personnel to review and submit reports, and more. 

Additionally, a modernized incident tracking system can help users reduce the number of errors in reporting, take proper corrective action more quickly and effectively, and prevent compliance items from slipping through the cracks.

Prevent Incidents Through Real-Time Data

A risk management solution, such as Vector’s SafeSchools Alert Tip Reporting System, lets users stay connected so they can submit and track tips and communications in real time, helping to prevent safety incidents before they occur. Administrative reports allow users to proactively monitor safety trends by incident type.

Reduce Claims And Workers Compensation Costs

Organizations constantly risk having employees hurt while on the job. 

A total risk management and incident tracking solution can help employers take a proactive approach to risk management by using administrative dashboards and incident reports to identify safety trends or areas prone to accidents, ultimately decreasing workplace risk, minimizing lost work days, and slashing workers’ comp costs.

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Risk Management Can Be Complicated. We Make It Simple.

Risk management is more complex today than ever – but it doesn’t have to be. 

At Vector Solutions, our risk-management solutions have been created specifically for the industries they serve so every client’s need is met.

And that’s why our clients subscribe to our market-leading programs. We proudly serve a broad range of industries with our award-winning online education, safety, compliance, and performance-optimization solutions. Across our three business units — commercial, education and public sector — we offer thousands of eLearning courses and innovative SaaS applications to meet the needs of individuals as well as organizations of any size.

Our goal is to help every organization save time, money, and – most importantly – make your business safer. And that’s just good business.

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