Webinar Recap: 21 Best Practices for Effective IEP Meetings


We recently had the honor of hosting a webinar with Nicholas Martin, founder and director of The Center for Accord, Inc., on the 21 Best Practices for Effective IEP Meetings.

The best prevention of conflict in special education is a well-run meeting. The overarching purpose of every IEP meeting is to achieve the goals of the particular meeting. As simple as this may sound, three common challenges may threaten goal achievement: budgeting the available time, managing the intensity of emotion, and safeguarding a collaborative process.

Best Practices

In the webinar, Nick shared specific tools to assist school professionals and parents in living the dream of IDEA: working together in partnership for the benefit of children with special needs. Nick presented 21 best practices that help assure the team's progress, while minimizing the likelihood of being derailed on its way to success.

Practical recommendations include:

  • Adequate preparation by all participants,
  • The use of a written agenda,
  • Agreed norms for the smooth running of the meeting,
  • And many more.

Webinar Recording

View a recording of the full webinar.

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Webinar PowerPoint

Download a PDF of the PowerPoint presentation and the handout shared during the webinar.

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