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    September 20, 2017

    TargetSolutions’ NFPA 1410 Evolutions Training Series Honored with Prestigious Brandon Hall Award


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    SAN DIEGO – TargetSolutions, the leading provider of e-Learning applications for the fire service, is proud to announce its NFPA 1410 Evolutions training series has been awarded the prestigious Brandon Hall Group Excellence in Learning Award, taking home Silver honors for the “Best Use of Video for Learning” category.

    Commonly referred to as the “Academy Awards” by learning, talent and business executives, the Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards Program debuted in 1994 as the first of its kind in the learning industry. Per Brandon Hall’s website, the Excellence Awards “recognize the best organizations that have successfully deployed programs, strategies, modalities, processes, systems, and tools that have achieved measurable results.”

    Shot on location in St. Charles, Mo., and Land O’ Lakes, Fla., the production was aided with the full cooperation of the St. Charles Fire Department and Pasco County Fire Rescue to bring the series to life.

    Vector Solutions, the parent company of TargetSolutions, assembled a team to storyboard the series, capture the drills on video, and then develop the 14-course training package that was formally released this past March. The final product is a series of stunning training courses driven by groundbreaking video demonstrations of the most commonly encountered fireground evolutions.

    We asked some of the key players in the series’ development to reflect on the experience as well as what this award means:


    Paul Costello wrote and directed the NFPA 1410 Evolutions series while also serving as an onscreen instructor for each of the 14 installments. “From the project onset I felt this was a unique angle on training that hadn’t been successfully accomplished before. Our team’s work brought multiple dimensions of learning to the student that hadn’t ever been attempted in the industry. The end product is a learning platform that transcends jurisdictions and is also a primer for the seasoned officer as well as a tight how-to for the newer firefighter in the agency.”



    Bryan Fitzgerald, who led the charge in developing these courses in post-production, praised the level of teamwork that was displayed to make this project a reality. “It’s excellent to see a project that required so much teamwork be recognized for this award. From the courses’ author, to the videographers who filmed the footage, to the editors and graphic designers who created the content, the developers from the Harbinger Group, everyone involved in this massive undertaking always held their work to the highest standards. This resulted in some of the most outstanding courses TargetSolutions has ever produced.”


    Greg Baldwin was one of two videographers on location in St. Charles and is also credited with producing the TargetSolutions introductory fire logo in each of the 14 courses. “It’s humbling to see how our hard work is being recognized in the same category as globally known brands and companies. The field of competition really helps to put it all into perspective. Facebook took home a Bronze in the same category that the NFPA 1410 Evolutions took home a Silver.”



    Chris Andrews was one of two videographers to capture the action on location and also edited the raw footage down to the bare essentials in post-production. “I feel like we had the perfect team out there and at the end of the day we put out a really good product that’s unmatched in the industry. It’s a great honor for our whole team to take home such a recognized and valuable award.”



    John Heindel starred in post-production where he collected the edited catalog of video and images and developed a bulk of the courses in the series. “It’s encouraging to receive recognition for the NFPA 1410 course series, as it proves how effort, dedication, and teamwork lead to a successful product. These courses fuse evolution demonstrations with real-world scenarios, keeping today’s firefighters prepared, and it’s an honor to have participated in a project of such scope and magnitude.”




    Michael Schreiner helped organize and oversee the entire production. He was also on location to capture the beautiful overhead drone shots seen in the courses. “One of the major advantages of combining our companies is the integration of the strong competencies each company brings to the table. Our TargetSolutions and RedVector content teams brought video production expertise that was filmed in creative ways like the firefighter industry has never seen. Leveraging the strengths of both teams, paired with the additional subject matter expertise and actors from the St. Charles Fire Department made for the perfect blend of content and innovative video production.”

    For more information about our award-winning NFPA 1410 Evolutions training series, please contact TargetSolutions today at (800) 840-8046.