Over 1M Forms Created in TeachPoint’s Online Teacher Evaluation Tool

Over 1M Forms Created in TeachPoint’s Online Teacher Evaluation Tool

Recently TeachPoint’s online teacher Evaluation Tool surpassed 1M educator evaluation forms created through its online platform. Educators in over 2,100 schools are using the forms-based tool to do self-assessments, create professional practice and student learning goal plans, conduct formal and informal classroom observations, and complete summative evaluations.

Schools and districts have embraced the customized forms and teacher reflection component to foster a collaborative culture toward increasing teacher effectiveness and ultimately student success. As the teacher evaluation process continues to evolve, users are now creating a form in TeachPoint for their teacher’s Student Survey Reflection and/or Video Observation Reflection to support their evaluation process. With the ability to attach evidence and artifacts—such as spreadsheets and PDF reports from any survey platform—to forms, users value having everything related to the evaluation process in one central location. Over the past three years over 770K artifacts and evidence have been uploaded into the TeachPoint online teacher evaluation tool.

Recently TeachPoint released two ”Smart Form” features that enable forms to perform calculations and validations as well as auto-populate information from a prior form into a question. For example, a summative evaluation form can now a) auto-populate the educator’s professional practice and student learning goals from the previously completed goal setting form and b) perform a calculation on the overall educator performance rating using different components, each with a different weight value assigned. Evaluators no longer have to cut and paste information from one form to another or do manual calculations on the educator’s overall rating.

Thanks to our 63K plus users for contributing to this milestone!

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