RedVector Completes Its Process Safety Management (PSM) Training Series to Help Companies Identify, Assess and Control Hazards


Release date: 10/13/2015

RedVector finalizes its PSM online training series to help process industry workers manage hazards and reduce incidents resulting from the release of chemicals and other energy sources

To help companies identify, assess and control hazards, RedVector, the leader in eLearning and workforce training solutions for the industrial manufacturing industries, has added 10 new Process Safety Management (PSM) online courses. With a course on each element of PSM, this completes the RedVector PSM Training Series.

Through RedVector’s online PSM Training, learners will gain important information about elements most frequently cited by OSHA, emergency planning and response, mechanical integrity, management of change, hot work permits, compliance audits, operating procedures and much more.

“We feel strongly that RedVector’s Process Safety Management Online Training Curriculum will help industrial organizations and their work teams in furthering safety culture and improving compliance,” said RedVector Product Director Dan McGonegle. “Crucial to any industrial organization’s safety is a process to identify, assess and control facility hazards, and a strong PSM program is a proven approach to do just that.”

RedVector PSM Training Course List:

Process Safety Management (PSM): Management of Change
Process Safety Management (PSM): Mechanical Integrity
Process Safety Management (PSM): Process Hazard Analysis
Process Safety Management (PSM): Process Safety Information
Process Safety Management (PSM): 1910.119 Overview and Auditing
Process Safety Management (PSM): An Overview

Process Safety Management (PSM): Employee Participation
Process Safety Management (PSM): Operating Procedures
Process Safety Management (PSM): Training
Process Safety Management (PSM): Contractors
Process Safety Management (PSM): Pre-Startup Safety Review
Process Safety Management (PSM): Hot Work Permits
Process Safety Management (PSM): Incident Investigations
Process Safety Management (PSM): Emergency Planning & Resource
Process Safety Management (PSM): Compliance Audits
Process Safety Management (PSM): Trade Secrets

With safety training offerings like PSM, Fuel and Combustion Systems Safety, Electrical Safety and much more, RedVector continues its focus on making workplaces healthier and safer.

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