RedVector Launches Training Courses to Help Companies Implement the 5S System of Workplace Organization


Release date: 9/23/2015

RedVector releases 5 new online training courses to help organizations optimize productivity and eliminate waste from the manufacturing process using the 5S system

Tampa — September 23, 2015 — RedVector, the leader in eLearning and workforce training solutions for the industrial manufacturing industries, has launched online training covering the 5S system of workplace organization, stability and standardization in an effort to help organizations optimize productivity and reduce waste in the manufacturing process.RedVector’s new training provides an overview of 5S (the simple, practical approach to improvement that can bring results in a short time) and covers the 5S steps of Sort, Set-in-Order, Shine, Standardize and Sustain.

“We’re excited to add 5S courses to our industrial skills training offerings,” said RedVector Product Director Dan McGonegle. “We believe strongly that the 5S methodology of workplace organization and housekeeping is an integral part of lean manufacturing and continuous improvement processes.”

RedVector 5S Training Course List:

The 5S System: An Introduction to 5S
Learn to carry out basic 5S activities to organize and standardize the workplace, promote safety, improve work flow, reduce inventory waste, and gain control of your work area.The 5S System: Workplace Scan and Sort
Learn to complete a workplace scan, remove excess and unnecessary items through the Red Tag Technique, and sort.The 5S System: Set in Order and Shine
Learn to organize your workspace and “Shine,” or maintain and clean your equipment to minimize machine downtime.The 5S System: Standardize and Sustain
Learn how to maintain and monitor the conditions that resulted from activities of the first three S’s through standardization and develop new habits to sustain the 5S System.The 5S System: 5S for Safety – New Eyes for the Shop Floor
Understand and follow the 5S System for improved safety in your workplace.

RedVector continues to focus on helping plants improve manufacturing processes and procedures with training series' like 5S and Total Productive Maintenance (TPM).

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