Streamline PD Tracking for All Staff with TeachPoint and SafeSchools Training

Streamline PD Tracking for All Staff with TeachPoint and SafeSchools Training

We’re focused on providing busy school leaders with solutions that streamline cumbersome administrative processes and save valuable time. The TeachPoint Educator Evaluation and Professional Development Tracking solutions can help you manage growth and performance and improve educator effectiveness in your district.

Here are a few ways the TeachPoint PD Tracking Solution can help you increase efficiency and eliminate the paperwork:

  • The central office can utilize a dashboard to create and manage all PD events and attendee registration, as well as approve credits from one central location.
  • School principals can easily launch and communicate new in-school PD events, then auto-generate and distribute certificates of attendance.
  • Educators and staff can easily view and sign up for available PD events and request to attend events outside of their district/school.
  • The central office can gather attendee feedback using pre-built templates or by creating tailored questionnaires.
  • Educators and staff can utilize a dashboard to track all their PD credits required for recertification.

Now Integrates with SafeSchools Training

 width=To help you streamline processes even more, if your school or district also uses SafeSchools Training for your online safety and compliance training and management, you can easily integrate your SafeSchools Training with the TeachPoint Online PD Tracking Solution. Here’s how this new integration will help you streamline PD tracking for all staff:

  • Single Sign-On – Employees can easily launch SafeSchools Training courses directly from TeachPoint with a single login.
  • Access Hundreds of Online Courses – Access your full library of SafeSchools Training courses from TeachPoint.
  • View Training Assignments – Employees can view their list of SafeSchools Training assignments from within TeachPoint.
  • Manage PD Transcripts in One Central Location – Course completion data from SafeSchools Training is now accessible within TeachPoint and can be tracked for recertification credits along with other PD activities.
  • Built-In Tutorial Courses – The SafeSchools Training system will also include new TeachPoint Tutorial courses which can be assigned to staff to support implementation.

Please contact us at [email protected] or 1.800.434.0154 today to learn more about this new integrated solution!

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