TeachPoint Evaluation and PD Tracking Feature Enhancements


We value input from customers using our solutions, and we continue to enhance our Educator Evaluation and Professional Development Tracking solutions based on your feedback. Here are highlights of some of our recent product enhancements.

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Educator Evaluation Updates

Account Preferences

There have been several additions to Account Preferences to provide even more options for System Administrators to customize TeachPoint to meet your school’s or district’s specific needs.

Set Default Homepage

  • System Administrators can set a unique default homepage for your users based on their role so that when they login, they immediately land on the area of TeachPoint that is more relevant to them.
  • Choose a unique homepage (Plans, Form List, or Dashboard) for the following roles:
    • Evaluators
    • Evaluees with plans assigned
    • Evaluees without plans assigned
    • Users with management access only
Set Default Homepage

Set Default Homepage

Log Options

  • System Administrators can now choose whether to display the Form Access Log and the Form Edit Log to users.
    • The Form Access Log tracks all activities related to when a form is accessed and who accessed it.
    • The Form Edit Log tracks all changes made to a form by the evaluator or the evaluee.

Log Options

User List and User Sort Options

  • This update provides additional options for System Administrators to customize the information displayed about users in the user list side navigation and the user sort.
User List and User Sort Options

User List and User Sort Options

Evaluation Rating Scale
  • The Evaluation Rating Scale has been expanded to accommodate up to 10 ratings.
Forms with Non-Locking Signatures
  • Forms with non-locking signatures now have an option to share the form immediately when you sign the form instead of requiring a separate step to go back into the form to share it.
Ed-Fi Integration
  • TeachPoint can now be integrated with Ed-Fi for the purpose of automated staff record updates. We’re looking forward to partnering with districts to customize this integration to meet your needs.

PD Tracking Updates

Expanded Evaluator Approval Options
  • The ”Evaluator Approval” option has been updated so that you can customize how it is labeled and add directions. For example, if you want the user’s principal to approve that event, the dropdown can now say ”Please Select Your Principal.”
  • You will now also be able to give an individual, or a group of individuals, access to approve an event. Additionally, you can make this level of approval optional based on whether or not it’s applicable to this event. For example, if the user requires reimbursement for travel he or she can check a box within the form for it to be approved by the travel office.
PD Approvals

PD Approvals

Multi-Session PD Events
  • You can now create a unique title for each individual session of a multi-session PD Event.

Multi-Session PD Events

Sort by School in Manage Events Tab
  • “School” is now an optional column that can be displayed in the Manage Events tab to assist with reviewing and approving PD requests by school.

Manage Events by School

Custom Date Ranges
  • All tabs within PD Tracking  (My Activities, Available Events, Manage Events) now provide the ability to create a Custom date range for viewing the information for that specific section based on a date range of your choice.

Custom Date Range

PD Reports
  • The PD Attendee List Report is now available to presenters and anyone who has permission to create a PD event.
  • PD Reports now have column totals to help with summary reporting.
License Tracking
  • System Administrators can now define the order in which the licenses are listed in License Tracking.
  • When adding a new license, you can now include a License Number. The License Number is now also included in the License Progress by User PD report.

Add License Number


If you have questions about using any of these updated features, please contact our Client Success Team at [email protected].

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