Updates to ISO’s Training Requirements Impact Clients Using TargetSolutions’ ISO Training Tracker


The Insurance Services Office (ISO) has made revisions to its Fire Suppression Rating Schedule, including changes to required training for fire departments. Clients managing their ISO requirements through TargetSolutions will need to make adjustments inside the Credentials application to update their departments ISO Training Tracker.

These modifications impact the number of hours needed for ISO-related training topics, making it critical for departments to address their ISO Solution inside the TargetSolutions platform and ensure they are meeting ISO’s new expectations for training compliance.

If you would like detailed instructions on how to implement these changes inside your departments TargetSolutions site, please go to “Browse Administrator Support” inside your platforms Help section and search for “2013 ISO Changes.”

Here is a breakdown of ISO’s new requirements:

Company Training: ISO is now calling for 16 hours per month for a total 192 hours per year. This is a reduction from 20 hours per month and 240 hours per year that were previously required.

Hazardous Materials Training: ISO is now requiring six hours per year, which is up three hours from previous years.

Driver Training: There have been no changes to the number of hours required for this category. Departments are still expected to have personnel complete 12 hours per year.

New Driver Training: ISO has added 20 hours of training to this category. Personnel now are in need of 60 hours per year, up from 40.

Officer Training: The Officer Certification Requirement remains steady at 12 hours per year.

Recruit Training: Personnel, who automatically get credit if their department requires state certification as an employment pre-requisite, are required to complete 240 hours. This number is unaffected by ISO’s recent changes.

Facility Training: This category, referring to training done at a training facility, is no longer called “Training Drills.” Personnel now are required to complete 18 hours per year, which was reduced from 24 hours.

Pre-Planning Review: ISO is now requiring one review per year. In previous years, this was a bi-annual requirement.

 data-lazy-src=ISO’s revisions are now more aligned with NFPA standards, according to TargetSolutions Product Specialist Tim Riley.

“>TargetSolutions’ ISO Solution. “It’s important for clients to understand these changes and make the appropriate updates inside the platform. Its pretty straight forward, so clients should have a smooth transition keeping up with ISO’s standards with TargetSolutions.”

With TargetSolutions, departments are able to efficiently assign their personnel with ISO-specific training bundles. After training both online courses and hands-on activities are completed, TargetSolutions one-of-a-kind recordkeeping system automatically tracks completions and generates detailed reports structured perfectly for ISO’s reviewing process.

ISO’s changes were announced earlier this year and are now in effect in most states. For more information specific to your state, please check online at www.isomitigation.com. And if you have any questions about TargetSolutions ISO Training Tracker, please schedule a demo today.

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With TargetSolutions, fire departments are able to deliver ISO’s new training requirements and track the results. Please click here to learn more about TargetSolutions’ ISO Fire Department Training Tracker.

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