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    July 11, 2023

    Vector Solutions Law Enforcement Courses Receive Industry Leading Certifications


    Law Enforcement


    Law Enforcement

    The IADLEST National Certification Program has awarded more than thirty-five Vector Solutions law enforcement courses with its highly respected recognition

    TAMPA, FL, July 11, 2023 – Today, Vector Solutions, the leading provider of technology solutions to help train, prepare, and retain public safety professionals, announced that 35+ courses in its online law enforcement catalog are now nationally certified by the International Association of Directors of Law Enforcement Standards and Training (IADLEST) as part of the National Certification Program (NCP)™. This recognition demonstrates that Vector Solutions trainings meet or exceed minimum standards for law enforcement continuing education and respective state certification requirements. NCP-certified courses are accepted by 36 state Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) organizations for in-service or advanced training credit and are recognized by all 50 states, regardless of their POST participation status.

    Vector Solutions and IADLEST have partnered to equip law enforcement professionals with training content and technology that meets today’s demands and professional standards. Poor quality law enforcement training has a far-reaching impact on individual officers, entire departments, and the community as a whole. The IADLEST National Certification Program (NCP) was designed to reduce problems stemming from a lack of nationally standardized training for law enforcement. It establishes minimum continuing education standards built to meet or exceed any individual POST training requirements and ensures training provider content meets those quality standards.

    “Developing or vetting training that meets an agency’s state standards and training requirements can be time-consuming, costly, and stressful for many training coordinators who are also overwhelmed with logistics and reporting,” said Mark Catone, Vice President & General Manager, Public Sector at Vector Solutions. “Vector Solutions’ NCP-certified courses take the burden off training officers and give them confidence that they are equipping their teams with the tools needed to be safe and effective in the field and meet annual training goals.”

    With over 35 NCP-certified courses in Vector Solutions’ law enforcement course catalog, agencies can easily supplement classroom training with POST-approved online courses and streamline all training management in one place with Vector Solutions. Vector Solutions’ law enforcement training catalog includes video-based courses featuring engaging, real-life scenarios and quizzes to test comprehension, with courses covering tactical and soft skill topics critical to the success of today’s officers, deputies, and troopers.

    To learn more about Vector Solutions’ POST-approved training nationally certified by IADLEST, click here.


    Vector Solutions for Law Enforcement is the industry leader in operational readiness technology that enables Law Enforcement Departments, Academies, and POST organizations to meet their demanding training, compliance, and preparedness objectives. The Vector Solutions public safety suite of products includes software for training management, policy distribution, personnel scheduling, equipment management, early intervention, and promoting a positive and transparent agency culture. Its accredited online course library includes IADLEST NCP-certified courses approved for POST annual training requirements. Trusted by 10,000 public safety agencies and 2 million first responders, Vector’s purpose-built technology covers the full lifecycle of personnel management, from hire-to-retire, because readiness saves lives. For more information about Vector Solutions for Law Enforcement, visit


    Vector Solutions is the leading provider of impactful technology solutions dedicated to driving safer, smarter, better decision-making in the world’s most critical industries. Embedded into daily workflows to drive improvements in compliance, safety, performance, and preparedness, our software includes training management, industry-focused online course libraries, EHS management, workforce scheduling, risk communication, operational readiness, and more. Vector’s unique combination of information and technology – delivered when and where it is needed – is integral to our more than 34 thousand clients looking to achieve better outcomes and safeguard lives. Vector is committed to providing resources to support those who need them most and launched a collection of free courses on critical mental health and safety topics through Vector Cares. For more information, visit For access to free Vector Cares courses visit