VectorLearning Featured in Inc. Article


Release date: 6/4/2014

VectorLearning Featured in Inc. Article, “How the Cloud Can Help You Beat the Tech Giants”

VectorLearning was featured in Inc., a premier business publication for entrepreneurs and owners, yesterday. In the article released on and via social media, writer Tony DiBenedetto explained how industry-specific cloud solutions (including those of VectorLearning) are increasingly replacing large, expensive enterprise software systems, “allowing the Davids to wrest market share from the Goliaths,” he said.

DiBenedetto writes that, “the cloud has given tech execs and business owners the ability to pick and choose the best-of-breed software that works for their individual organizations. There are cloud-based software ventures entering the market every day whose sole focus is solving particular problems and challenges for industries from hair salons to HVAC.”

“And then there is VectorLearning, a provider of cloud-based continuing education and compliance training for the manufacturing, oil and gas, and other industries…By focusing its efforts solely on learning and content management solutions for these vertical markets, VectorLearning competes successfully against online training content providers such as Skillsoft and”

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