Course Author Spotlight: BJ Epstein


BJ Dietz Epstein is a RedVector course author specializing in the areas of accessibility and ADA Standards. She is also well versed in California Building Codes as they pertain to accessibility.

courses authored by BJ Epstein covering Accessibility Standards

BJ is a project manager, tactile cartographer, and graphic designer for the MAD Lab (Media and Accessible Design Laboratory) at the LightHouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired in San Francisco. There, she creates audio tactile maps as wayfinding solutions for people who are blind or visually impaired. She also performs accessibility compliance checks for signage, and consults with museums, parks, and businesses to ensure that they go above and beyond for patrons with disabilities.

BJ has ten years of experience in the field of accessibility and works diligently to translate legalese into layman’s terms.

She holds a master’s degree in architecture (M.Arch) from Iowa State University. Working with Dr. Arvid Osterberg, author of Access for Everyone, she developed training materials for accessibility to teach students, architects, building inspectors, and facilities, planning, and management staff.

BJ brings a passion for accessibility to her work and strives to make accessibility easy to understand and easy to implement.

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