Course Author Spotlight: Lance MacNevin


Lance MacNevin, P.Eng., is a mechanical engineer who has worked in the plastic pipe industry since 1993. He was employed with a manufacturer of PEX piping systems for 22 years as a product development engineer, system designer, codes and standards specialist, and manager of training programs. Specifically, these programs included plumbing, fire protection, hydronic radiant heating and cooling, and geothermal piping systems. He became an accredited trainer with various organizations and in several states and managed an AIA CES provider program, developing and delivering multiple AIA HSW courses.


In 2015, Lance joined Plastics Pipe Institute (PPI) as the Director of Engineering for the Building & Construction Division. PPI is the major trade association representing all segments of the plastic pipe industry and is dedicated to promoting plastics as the material of choice for pipe applications. Lance has focused his expertise on pressure piping materials PEX, CPVC, PE-RT and PP-R for various types of plumbing and mechanical systems, as well as mechanical codes and piping standards. In addition, he is a member of ASHRAE, ASME, ASPE, ASTM, AWWA, CSA, IAPMO, IGSHPA, NEMA, RPA and UL, serving on technical committees with these organizations.

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