Course Author Spotlight: Ralph Hackle


RedVector author Ralph Hackle has more than 27 years of experience with the design, development, and implementation of control systems and industrial training programs. Ralph has developed instructor-led training programs with performance-based exercises as well as online training to prepare for and reinforce those programs. His specialties include programmable logic controllers (PLCs), particularly ControlLogix PLCs in the areas of theory, programming, configuring and operations. Ralph has also successfully crafted electrical and mechanical skills training programs for both entry level employees and journeymen. In addition, he has been involved in the development of skills assessments to determine training needs.

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Ralph’s expertise also includes the following:
Maintenance Manager Training/Implementation
• Plant Maintenance Assessment
• Planning/Scheduling
• Root Cause Analysis
• Work Flow Optimization

CMMS Performance Improvement
• Predictive Maintenance
• Change Management
• Preventive Maintenance Optimization
• Skills Assessment and Training
• Standard Operating Procedures

Preview ControlLogix® courses authored by Ralph Hackle


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