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November 12, 2020 3 min read

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Saving Time and Money with the Switch to Online Training

Denton ISD was seeking a training solution that would help reduce costly staff development days.
Denton ISD Switches to Online Staff Training

The Training Challenge

Located about 25 miles north of Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas, Denton Independent School District is home to more than 30,000 students and 3,800 employees in 42 buildings.

As a fast growing district, Denton administrators found it increasingly difficult to allocate the necessary time and resources to conduct face-to-face staff training. Often it meant asking staff to stay after school or attend off campus sessions, and with busy schedules, this became a challenge for everyone.






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Using Technology to Increase Efficiency

In 2009, Denton ISD purchased Vector Training (formerly SafeSchools Training) because they wanted a more efficient way to train staff and track compliance. Previously, each department head and campus administrator was responsible for their staff’s training. This required the district to take employees out of the classroom for staff development days that was not only costly and time consuming, but was proven to be ineffective and difficult to track.

Using Vector Training, the district now has:

  • One user-friendly system with expert-authored courses that work for all staff.
  • 24/7 access allowing employees to train when it’s most convenient for their schedule.
  • Administrative reports that easily track completions and policy acceptance.
  • And most importantly, increased efficiency, saving the district valuable time and money!

Denton ISD now trains all staff members with Vector Training so they’re able to train more staff, in less time, for less money.

“Vector Training is an efficient and effective way to deliver high-quality training and district policies to all staff!”

Regina Wright

Director of Employee Relations

Easy to Administer

Denton ISD administrators can log on to their custom Vector Training system and assign courses to different workgroups in different buildings quickly and easily. The system automatically notifies employees of their training assignments and due dates via email. Staff can complete the interactive courses online from any computer with an Internet connection and everything is automatically tracked by the system. For those employees who do not have the use of a computer, the district can conduct offline group training and log it in their Vector Training system too. Administrators also have access to a variety of reports that allow the district to analyze their usage statistics. Reports are customizable by individual staff member, building or district-level so it’s easy to monitor their overall training progress at any given time.

An Added Benefit – Happy Employees!

In addition to increased efficiency, administrators are also very pleased with how well the system has been embraced by different workgroups throughout the district:

According to Jonita Widmer, RN“As a training administrator, I no longer have to worry if all the required material was covered and understood in my presentation. Using Vector Training, I now know that every employee is receiving the same consistent content.”

Superintendent Ray Braswell and Principal Vernon Reeves say, “Vector Training has been a great change. We no longer have to pull staff out of classrooms or away from their duties to train.”

“I’m proud to say that Vector Training has helped us maintain compliance, ensure employee accountability, prevent lawsuits and increase our employee’s knowledge. It has saved us countless training costs and has reduced training time too!”

Regina Wright

Director of Employee Relations Denton ISD, TX

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