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December 14, 2022 2 min read

Edina Police

Edina Police Department Simplifies Certification and Training Compliance Through Vector LMS Training Management System


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Vector LMS and Training Management

“Like anything, officer buy-in can be a challenge. But as soon as we got them to use it and actually understand how easy it is to use…even the little rumblings went away.”

Jacob Heckert

Administrative Sergeant

The Challenge

Formerly a small farming and milling community, Edina, MN, is now a densely populated suburb of Minneapolis. In addition to serving their own populace, the local police department also provides mutual-aid to the other cities and suburbs in the area.

Before implementing Vector LMS training management system, the department used spreadsheets and other software solutions to track and manage training. However, this system eventually became outdated and no longer met Edina PD’s needs.

The Choice

In 2021, the department implemented Vector LMS. According to Sergeant Jacob Heckert, the primary administrator of the solution and the Administrative Sergeant who oversees training, the department was recommended Vector LMS by a member of a local fire department.

While the department did consider other solutions, the ability to track certification renewal dates with the Credential Manager was a major factor in the department’s decision.

“We have as many as 59 officers. When we used Excel, it was working but there was always the chance that something could get overlooked or accidentally changed. Vector LMS keeps us more up to date with what we’re doing and makes sure certifications don’t end up inactive or expired,” Sgt. Heckert said.

The Change

Through Vector LMS, Edina PD has:

  • Consolidated training records into one solution, dramatically reduced administrative time spent on training management, and making it easier to respond to records requests from the public and pulling training records at the request of officers.
  • Empowered officers to engage with and review their own training progress.
  • Simplified certification tracking and management.

“Two years ago, I was constantly going between four different databases trying to keep track of everything. It was a huge burden. [Vector LMS] is saving a ton of time,” Sgt. Heckert said.

Dept. Profile

  • Vector LMS 2021
  • Approx. 59 sworn officers
  • 54,000 population
  • 15 mi² area

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