In Jeopardy of Losing Payment for EMS Calls, Yuma Fire Department Leans on TargetSolutions

While Yuma Fire Department was completing the process of transitioning its training program to TargetSolutions, there was confusion about whether or not a paramedic had sufficient training hours. Having an employee work with an expired license would have prevented the department from billing, resulting in a huge financial loss. Fortunately, Yuma was able to run a report through TargetSolutions showing the training hours were current and the paramedic was still certified.[/caption]

After learning one of his paramedics had potentially worked more than a month with an expired license, Michael Walton sat in the EMS Chief’s office doing simple arithmetic. data-lazy-src=

“It looked like one of our paramedics was missing an ACLS course,” said Walton. “It was pretty embarrassing to think something like this had slipped through the cracks.”

Even worse, the recordkeeping error was potentially going to cost tens of thousands of dollars, because the department would not be allowed to bill for any transports the paramedic ran with the expired license. Making it even more stressful was the fact this all went down while the department was in the process of moving its training records to TargetSolutions, and not everything was believed to have made the switch. Some documents were still being logged in the city’s database, others through the department’s Electronic Patient Care Reporting software. The department had only recently signed on with TargetSolutions and was still working its way through the transition.

Still, Walton logged into the online fire department training management system hoping he would find the missing information. That hope was rewarded.

“I logged into TargetSolutions to see if the paramedic’s training was moved over. It was a big relief to see the training was there. The way we looked at it, we saved thousands of dollars and paid for TargetSolutions with that one incident.”

Michael Walton, Battalion Chief

Walton was grateful the department’s chief had backed the recommendation to move records to one centralized online system: TargetSolutions. “Thanks to the chief’s support, we were moving everything into one location and we were able to document the ACLS training happened,” Walton said.

With this in the rearview mirror, Walton is now starting to maximize TargetSolutions’ full array of capabilities. In addition to moving over training records and tracking EMS training, the department is finding innovative ways to utilize the system.