Military Academy: COVID-19 Custom Card

Military Academy: COVID-19 Custom Card

The Customer

This client is a highly-respected military academy in the United States with several thousand students.

The Situation

This military academy utilizes the Vector LiveSafe Mobile Platform for emergency communications and incident reporting. As the coronavirus pandemic became an increasing threat to health and security, the academy’s leadership wanted to provide the community with up-to-date information and evolving response protocols from the academy leadership, the military at large, and the local county.

The Result

The academy added a card to the home screen of the Vector LiveSafe Mobile Platform called “Coronavirus Guidance.” This easily-accessible resource directed community members to a webpage with frequently updated information from the academy’s public affairs team about the impacts of coronavirus locally and on campus.

The Solution

Adding the “Coronavirus Guidance” card to the Vector LiveSafe Mobile Platform improved community access to pertinent information. This change led to a 20 percent increase in LiveSafe users at the academy and helped keep the community healthy and informed.

“We were able to use LiveSafe as a portal to all of [our COVID-19] information. Making LiveSafe multifunctional drives users to it.”

- Military Academy Director of Emergency Services

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