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Level Up Your Skill Mastery with Simplified Live Skill Assessments


Learn How A Mobile App Can Digitize and Enhance Your Department’s Training Program And Ensure Effective Performance

Capturing hands-on training to measure skill proficiency is a critical component of your agency's training program. Vector Evaluations+ is a powerful add-on program that enables evaluators to record live skill assessments and complete custom skill sheets. With Vector Evaluations+, you can strengthen your crew members' skill sets and document competencies in one online application.

Watch this brief webinar presentation to learn how Vector Evaluations+ can bolster your department’s training program.

View this webinar to learn how to do the following:

  • Record live videos of skill assessments through Vector Evaluations+
  • Digitize your paper skill sheets to easily customize and track performance over time
  • Add your digital skill sheets to task books in Credentials to ensure mastery of a skillset
  • Utilize daily observation reports to review performance and identify key areas for professional growth


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