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How to Strengthen Field Training Evaluations with a Dynamic Mobile Application


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See How Vector Evaluations+ Can Streamline Your Department's Training Process and Improve Skill Proficiency

Integrated with Vector Solutions' learning management system, Vector Evaluations+ enables departments to record videos of training exercises, assess performance, and track skill sheets in one, powerful application. This mobile add-on solution has been recently enhanced to support critical failure evaluation questions to help departments ensure personnel can properly perform required skill sets. Watch this webinar presentation to learn more about this latest enhancement and how to streamline live skill assessments and increase competencies in your department.

View this webinar presentation to learn how to do the following:

  • How Vector Evaluations+ integrates with Vector Solutions' online training management system
  • How to record live videos of skill assessments through Vector Evaluations+
  • How to use customizable digital skill sheets to determine proficiency and compare employees’ performance over time
  • How to utilize daily observation reports to review performance and identify key areas for professional growth

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