Top Tools and Technology for Police Background Investigators

Top Tools and Technology for Police Background Investigators

Webinar Overview

The dynamic role of police officers in today’s world underscores the importance of hiring the right officers for the job.

With police departments, sheriff offices, and law enforcement agencies stretched thin on time and resources, the importance of using tools and technology to perform effective background investigations swiftly is as important as ever.

Watch this On-Demand webinar to see how the Guardian Alliance Triage Center, the Acadis Readiness Suite, and the National Decertification Index (NDI) can help background investigators ensure their agency is employing the best officers.

Learn About:

  • The Acadis Readiness Suite and how it automatically reports to the NDI
  • Utilizing Guardian’s free Triage Center to easily access and document NDI checks and identify inadequate candidates during pre-screening
  • Why the NDI is a significant resource to use for background investigations

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